Eva Marcille’s Money Problems Revealed On Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

The accusations on Real Housewives Of Atlanta have always gone straight for the jugular, aka the wallet. Tonight is no exception when Marlo Hampton makes some damning accusations about Eva Marcille‘s finances.

Eva returns from her honeymoon but wedded bliss is super short-lived when she and now-husband Michael Sterling jump right into moving to a new house. Eva previously said they were returning to the City of Atlanta for Michael’s political career, but Marlo has heard a very, very different account of their, erm, accounts! Or lack thereof… Perhaps the Sterlings shouldn’t have been shedding Benjamins for the wedding!?

Meanwhile, NeNe Leakes struggles to come to terms with her own marriage and where she stands with Gregg after she shared the news of their possible separation (NeNe is now denying she said that even though we all watched it… ).

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker celebrate another career milestone with the opening of a second OLG restaurant. Surprisingly even Porsha Williams is invited to the opening party, although she stays home to marinate in the pregnancy bliss with Dennis McKinley and manages to miss ALL the shade directed at Eva.

Even Tanya Sam giving Eva advanced warning that her money situation is being discussed couldn’t prepare her for the storm of gossip, however!

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I don’t know you guys — is it plausible that Eva and Michael are broke? Is it really Marlo’s business given that she has STILL not revealed how she gets her own bills paid? I doubt that’s on the up and up! And I cannot wait to learn who Marlo heard these allegations from! Also – I thought Eva and Marlo were cool?

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