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Dorit Kemsley Regrets Saying Lisa Vanderpump Is A Coward

There’s only two more episodes left of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Any takers that the ladies discuss anyone other than Lisa Vanderpump? Somehow Lisa dominated part one of the reunion and she wasn’t even there. Who knew her mind control worked off the premises as well?

The entire first hour of the reunion was spent airing grievances against Lisa. Kyle Richards said her former best friend was “unmasked.” Erika Jayne said Kyle is now head mean girl queen in a not-so-subtle attempt to piss off Lisa.  No one seemed the least bit sorry. But now that some time has passed, one member of the cast has come forward to express some regret.

In an interview with KTLA 5, Dorit Kemsley discussed her feelings about Lisa missing the reunion. It would be nice if Dorit also said she regretted causing puppygate by giving Lucy Lucy Apple Juice to “an honest woman” instead of just paying the fine to Vanderpump Dogs. Somehow I doubt that is ever going to happen though.

During the interview, they aired a clip of Dorit behind-the-scenes at the reunion talking about Lisa. Dorit had said, ”I thought Lisa, at least in this final act, would leave with her shoulders up, and her head held up high, and have a little bit of grace and her dignity in tact. And, she didn’t as far as I’m concerned. She’s bowed out, like a coward.” Dang, those are some fighting words.

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Dorit defended her stance at first. She said, “I think you know the reunion, emotions are always running high, and I think just before then, you got the camera in your face, and I was kind of bummed that she wasn’t there.” Yeah, right! She was bummed that they all didn’t get to rip Lisa a new one to her face. 

She continued, “That was harsh and I do regret saying that because I do feel like coward is very harsh. But, she didn’t come…we were all hoping to kind of have, you know, at least some resolution with her. We hadn’t seen her in eight months.” Except Kyle running into Lisa at Neiman Marcus or Lisa Rinna randomly giving her valet money at a parking garage.

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Then the newscaster shared his opinion about Lisa not showing up. He said, “This is my thought, and I’m not as steeped in this as others are. She doesn’t need to. She’s the most successful one of everybody.”

Dorit stuttered, “Well, yeah, but she’s still part of an ensemble. I mean it’s still, she’s still part of the show. So at that point, I mean, we’re not talking about anything outside of the show, we’re talking specifically about the reunion for housewives.”

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He retorted, “But I would submit, she doesn’t need it. Why wrestle in the mud?” Can this guy host the reunions from now on? He asks way more hard hitting questions than Andy Cohen, who instead chooses to focus on stupid questions about breast implants.

Dorit responded, “Yeah, I mean, listen that’s her choice. She made it. And she did, she quit. So, I guess she feels the same way you do.”

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Then the newscaster pushed further and said, “Speaking of mud, the latest mud is Camille [Grammer], says that you and your husband are fronting.”

With a look as frozen as her bank accounts, Dorit replied, “Yeah well, Camille says a lot of things…that was a very uncomfortable dinner. Camille has said quite a few things that are uncomfortable and I think that she’s regretful for. But, you know, I can’t speak for Camille and what comes out of her mouth.”

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Dorit sure sounded defensive on being called out on her financial troubles! We shall see if Andy is as hard hitting during part two of the reunion. Somehow I doubt it, and it will continue to be more complaining about Lisa.


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