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Ken Todd Drags Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast & Defends Lisa Vanderpump

Ken Todd is ride or die. In a reality television world where husbands cheat, allegedly lie about business ventures, or remain completely disconnected, Ken presents as none of those things. He has been married to former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Vanderpump for over 30 years. During her tenure, Lisa found herself in hot water several times with fellow cast members. Always by her side is Ken, holding Giggy – or maybe Giggy is holding Ken. Either way, this is a man who is loyal to his mate.

Ken usually assumes a reserved manner, but don’t get on his bad side. We’ve seen examples of Ken’s loyalty to Lisa flair up over time. He wished Cedric Martinez to the cornfield after he bashed the Todd family. We never heard from him again. Brandi Glanville slapped Lisa across the cheek once. Ken and Lisa said buh-bye to that friendship. Suffice to say, if you go to war with Lisa, you go to war with Ken. After a disastrous Season 9 of unconfirmed rumors, accusations, and family tragedy,Ken has some parting shots words for the ladies who went after his wife. One thing is certain, Lisa may be the star,  but nobody puts Baby Ken in a corner.

Lisa might have missed her chance to gain closure with her former cast members. After visibly suffering upon the death of her brother, the strain of filming and combined ambiguous allegations from castmates, Lisa just…left. There was no swan song, no pageantry. No final surprise, simply nothing. Until now, that is.

Ken has something to say. He took to Twitter to reflect on what happened with Lisa, a year out from the events. ‘Ole Ken might have taken a cue from Camille Grammer, because his truth cannon was locked and loaded. He writes, “There has been a huge amount of nastiness that has pushed my wife to the brink. When, at a time in her life like this, she needed her friends!” Friends like Erika Jayne. So sincere about her condolences over Lisa’s brother, Erika photographed a generic sympathy card.

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Ken continued, “What really irks me is the hypocrisy of this whole matter. The very PUBLIC issues — lawsuits, over 50 million dollars of them, loans in default, rehab, business misdoings, bankruptcies — have all been swept under a carpet. Lifestyles paid for with other people’s money, I call bulls—t!” See ya Camille 007. KEN 007 just took down Mauricio Umanksy, Tom Girardi, and Lisa Rinna. He also added a two-for-one and sniped PK and Dorit Kemsley as well. On another note, he has made several valid points.

But Ken was not finished. As Lisa’s former castmates whined about #puppygate, LVP was off spearheading a House Resolution to end the dog and cat meat industry. It was passed in September 2018. Ken feels it was “brushed aside” in favor of focusing on Dorit’s inability to care for an animal dog drama. “I am asking for this hatred to stop!” Ken wrote. He added he didn’t want his wife to attend the RHOBH reunion “as it has been bullying” in a “nonstop attack.”

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Then it was Camille’s turn. Regarding Cammy’s complete lack of class comments on Lisa’s dental hygiene, Ken shared, “To now attack her personal hygiene disgusts me. I could put it out here that my wife’s breath is as sweet as she is as, I am the one who kisses her daily I should know. I am angry as it is a vile lie…Like so many other things that have been said about her.”

Of Lisa’s ex-buddies he says, “Their pettiness says everything.” Before signing off, Ken had a moment, “So it’s not just Goodbye Kyle that I want to say … it’s goodbye to all of the vicious nastiness…there I feel much better now. Happy birthday to me.”

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Ken certainly did not go gentle into that good night. Once a ride or die, always a ride or die. He might be eligible for a teardrop tattoo under his eye at this point. I’m sure the people Ken 007 referenced in his post will start responding shortly. Until then, Happy Birthday, Ken!

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