Bethenny Frankel Dishes On “OG” Housewives; Says “I Really Feel For Them”

It’s not easy being a Real Housewife, and some of the “OG” Housewives have been through the wringer recently. Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has been dealing with her husband Gregg Leakes battle with colon cancer. She also evicted Kandi Burruss and a then-pregnant Porsha Williams from her closet. NeNe ripped a camera man’s shirt and may have pulled off Porsha’s belt during the incident. During the reunion, it came out that a producer was allegedly injured by NeNe. That’s a lot of drama over a closet. In the end, NeNe destroyed her longtime friendship with Cynthia Bailey because Cynthia invited former peach-holder Kenya Moore to a product launch.

On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this season is all about “puppy gate” and how Dorit Kemsley’s pup from Vanderpump Dogs ended up in a shelter.  This saga has positioned Lisa Vanderpump against all her fellow Beverly Hills Housewives. On a personal level, Lisa has been struggling with the death of her brother. The epic show-down at Villa Rosa between Lisa, Lisa’s husband Ken Todd, and former bestie Kyle Richards was upsetting to watch.

Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel is another OG up to her eyeballs in drama. Her off-and-on again boyfriend, Dennis Shields, died from a drug overdose in August of 2018. Bethenny suffered a near-fatal reaction because of her fish allergy. The Skinnygirl maven found love once again with Paul Bernon, who she credits with saving her life during the allergy scare. And, of course, Bethenny’s custody battle with ex-husband Jason Hoppy re-ignited. Their bitter divorce has played out RHONY forever. Or at least it seems that way.

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Still, Bethenny feels sympathy for her fellow OG Housewives. In an article in People, Bethenny commented on LVP’s and NeNe’s situation. “I really feel for them,” Bethenny stated. “I think it was beautiful that NeNe revealed herself a lot. Going through [a cancer], as a spouse of someone with cancer, we don’t really know what’s going on in their relationship and people are so quick to judge. I think it was really human and I related to her when she just cracked. She’s been on camera so long that she could have hidden that,” Bethenny explained.

Bethenny also has NeNe’s back about the RHOA closet invasion. “I understand why she was upset with people invading her private space, so I’m on her side there,” Bethenny said. “I think she was shut off during the reunion because I think she’s got an emotional wall up.”

So, what does Bethenny think about all the drama swirling around LVP this season? Bethenny is close friends with Lisa’s RHOBH enemies co-stars Lisa Rinna and Kyle. First off, Bethenny admires LVP’s business hustle.

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“She’s been on since the beginning and she’s a very successful businesswoman. The show’s doing incredibly well and for everyone, sometimes it just gets to be too much,” Bethenny stated. “I get that she needed to take a step back. I back Lisa and Kyle — they’re good friends of mine — but that doesn’t mean I’m against Vanderpump.” Bethenny added, “Lisa Rinna, she’s so open and speaks her mind, she sometimes takes backlash, but that’s why people want her as a Housewife.”

Bethenny also believes that LVP may have had the wrong impression of why Kyle wanted to talk with her. “And Kyle went over to Lisa’s house to talk to her friend, which I don’t think Lisa got. I back my girls, but I love all those women. And I would love to bring [my 8-year-old daughter] Bryn to Vanderpump’s house sometime. I want to bring Bryn to see the ponies!” Well, as long as it isn’t all about you, Bethenny.

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In fact, Bethenny previously told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in April of 2019 that she doesn’t believe that LVP and Kyle’s relationship is done. Bethenny also commented on what she said to Lisa about taking down LVP. “I said to Lisa Rinna, you gotta land it, if you’re trying to put her in the ground and there’s one finger moving, you better make sure she’s dead. And she ain’t.”

I would love to see all the OG’s go on a Housewives trip together. That would be fabulous! Are you listening, Bravo?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]