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Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 4 Finale Recap: Remember The Alamo!

Last night was the season finale of Real Housewives Of Dallas and I’m gonna miss these girls. Well except for LeeAnne Locken. I won’t miss her.

Last night showed us The Rise of The Kam as Kameron Westcott, our tall beautiful starling soared free from the barbed wire nest LeeAnne built for her on the side of a Highland Park mansion. HA — as if LeeANne could afford anything but a bus stop in Highland Park! Well, we know why the caged bird sings about baby elephants, right.

In Thailand, where LeeAnne’s xenophobia reared it’s ugly be-weaved and overly injected head, Kam wrestled with her conscience about whether or not to tell Kary Brittingham that LeeAnne not only called her THE C WORD, but made multiple slurs about her being Mexican. Like that little gem when LeeAnne affected an overplayed Mexican accent and asked Stephanie Hollman if Kary might be able to understand them better if they “spoke Mexican.” Newp – not racist at all!

Getting out of LeeAnne’s captivity immediate line of sight has Kameron realizing just how fucked up her so-called friend’s behavior was. In Thailand Kameron was in survival mode, but now home, in the comforts of her closet and her puppies where everything is shiny happy Barbie pink (and as deep as a plastic bowl), Kameron has an epiphany about the crazy she had endured in being screamed at by LeeAnne for not asking permission to be friends with Kary.

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Kameron has lunch with Kary and acknowledges that LeeAnne wants to control her and that Kam’s friendship with Kary makes LeeAnne feel insecure. Meanwhile, LeeAnne visits Stephanie. Stephanie has literally just returned from Vietnam and is the most clear-eyed jet-lagged person I ever saw. Travis was able to connect with his father and then his sister flew out to take their dad back to the US for medical attention. Now Travis is in Germany for work and Stephanie is home, holding down the fort of insanity that is the inside of LeeAnne’s head. Stephanie needs a rescue from Travis’ sister!

Predictably LeeAnne feels absolutely ZERO remorse for her behavior in Thailand and immediately starts with the ‘woe is me’ about how she’s always a target; persecuted by this group of jealous harridans seeking to steal her glory. LeeAnne blames Kary and D’Andra Simmons for implanting ideas in Kameron’s head and getting in the middle of a private matter. LeeAnne obviously didn’t stop to consider that the reason Kary and D’Andra even knew she yelled at Kam is because duh – Kam told them!

LeeAnne also continues with the narrative that Kam isn’t upset about being yelled at, but because she felt forced to attend the ping-pong shows. Stephanie, unfortunately, tells LeeAnne her feelings are valid without calling out her gross behavior – including her comments about Kary. Do better, Stephanie! Or maybe get some sleep, then do better.

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Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Brandi Redmond has had a tough year with Brooklyn, but they’ve bonded over cheerleading. Brooklyn is trying out for some high profile national team, with Brandi by her side. I appreciate the way Brandi takes things in stride. She’s also celebrating another milestone: one year of Bruin being with their family! YAY.

Brandi isn’t the only one getting the good news. D’Andra has lunch with Mama Dee, and maybe there were some happy pills in that margarita or the chips were made of green miracle, but Mama Dee admits that she’s proud of D’Andra for turning the company around. That doesn’t mean Mama Dee is giving D’Andra a loan, though! After all she is 79 years young and frozen in time, and may need a full-time nurse, ala Michael, Patrica from Southern Charm‘s butler. Or Mama Dee may want to travel. Hopefully NOT to Thailand!

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra is glowing with praise and she realizes, at the tender age of 50, that life isn’t over! She can still become queen bee. D’Andra also decides that there’s no salvaging her friendship with LeeAnne and she is done trying. More than that, she’s relieved to no longer be on this emotional roller coaster. Last week D’Andra emancipated herself from LeeAnne’s constant guilt trips, and D’Andra’s forthrightness reminded me of why I really liked her in her first season. I’m happy to see this more positive, assertive, and honest D’Andra re-emerging. Our girl is growing up, and she’s dragging Kam right along with her.

Kary, however, is still struggling. Kary is craving equality in her marriage to Eduardo, who is basically shining her on. Kary truly believes her jewelry line will pave the way to financial independence. More than finances, Kary wants something that is hers; that isn’t owned and operated and controlled by a man. Kary asks if they can put their house in both their names, but Eduardo refuses, blaming the family trust. Instead he offers that they buy an income property together, to give Kary some security that if he up and leaves her one day, she won’t destitute.

Kary doesn’t know if their marriage will last, but if Eduardo doesn’t start giving her more independence she might have to seize it for herself. I actually do not see these two splitting up, but Kary definitely needs to attend a Suze Orman seminar and start making plans for herself.

Brandi Redmond Bruin Real Housewives Of Dallas

Finally everyone meets again at Bruin’s Forever Family party which is the perfect place to fight over racial tensions with your adult female friends. Yay for time and place – where would the Real Housewives franchise be without ignorance of this logic (and all logic, period)? Everyone dresses in blue, which is a sweet touch and a sweet way to reference what will soon be LeeAnne singing the blues!

Before the party Kameron confesses to Court that she’s struggling with what to do about LeeAnne’s comments. Kameron wants to tell Kary, but she knows how hurt Kary will be. It could also mean big trouble in her friendship with LeeAnne. Court, terminally bored by Kameron, insists she be honest with Kary and also acknowledge that LeeAnne’s comments were racist.

Kameron Westcott Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

LeeAnne, clueless, arrives at the party in good spirits. Driving with Kary, Kameron spills her guts. After Kameron reveals that LeeAnne called Kary a C-U-Next-Tuesday, it seemed like she as hoping to end it there, but Court pipes up that Kameron needs to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth like this is a court of law. Court’s Law! So Kameron comes clean about all the Mexican comments. Kary is shocked.

As soon as Kam arrives LeeAnne senses something is up. She’s probably assuming that in the car Kary filled Kam’s head with poison about LeeAnne, and now she wants to get to Kameron before it has time to gel and solidify in the pink glittery bubble Kameron considers her brain, but which the rest of us might call bubble gum. If the other women get to Kam first they might double-down on what Kary supposedly said and then the bubble of Kam’s friendship with LeeAnne might burst. Too little, too late LeeAnne, because it was actually the almighty and all-powerful Court who got to Kam first!

LeeAnne Locken Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kam escorts LeeAnne to a sofa and confronts her. OF COURSE LeeAnne denies everything, then insists if she did say Mexican it was never meant derogatorily. Kam also tells LeeAnne that she’s not afraid of her, but that LeeAnne should be afraid of her. And Kam is correct: Kam holds all the social cards, and LeeAnne has no other true friends in this group.

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Meanwhile, across the party, Kary informs the other women about what she learned from Kam. Stephanie admits that LeeAnne made similar comments to her. I’m a little disappointed that Stephanie did’t share this information sooner, and also never confronted LeeAnne about how wrong her behavior was.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary decides she’s had enough and walks right up to LeeAnne to confront her. LeeAnne defends herself with the tride and true trope of a racist: ‘I’m not racist since I have a Mexican friend.’ In LeeAnne’s case she’s slept with Mexicans, and they were hot lovers! Also she grew up with a Mexican family. Was this before or after the carnival, the gorillas, and being raised by her grandparents? LeeAnne also sat on Julio Iglesias lap once and didn’t turn into a giant chalupa, so clearly she’s not racist. Nevermind that he is actually SPANISH, which is on a whole different continent than Mexico! Details; schmetails.

LeeAnne not only refuses to own her atrocious behavior, but comes at Kary for calling her controlling and manipulative. Kary counters that she said those things to LeeAnne’s face, however LeeAnne never called Kary the C-Word or “Mexican” to her face! PREACH.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

The other women don’t want to out and out call LeeAnne racist, but Kary has no problem saying what it is: derogatory comments about her nationality, aka racism. After Kary walks away D’Andra tries to explain that you just can’t say things like that, so LeeAnne attempts to make a comparison about how D’Andra accused Rich of cheating. Um, girl, I would say check yourself before you wreck yourself, but you’re totaled (and in the impound lot). D’Andra wisely decides to walk away as well.

Court Westcott Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

And then there was one: Kam. But soon there is none. As LeeAnne continues to insists that she said nothing wrong, and even makes more comments about Kary’s nationality, Court fabricates a reason to extract Kameron from the conversation by telling her someone wants to talk to her about fashion. Court is so seamless and polite – it was the epitome of a southern gentleman. As soon as LeeAnne is out of earshot he tells Kameron she needs to stay away from her. I’m assuming Court means permanently.

Feeling like she’s lost the battle – cause “Remember the Alamo!” – LeeAnne tries one last maneuver by apologizing to Kary. It’s an insincere apology that was worthless, and Kary sees it for exactly what it is and refuses to accept. If Kameron hadn’t called LeeAnne out, publicly, LeeAnne never would be apologizing. She doesn’t feel her behavior was inappropriate, she just doesn’t want to deal with the repercussions of being caught. LeeAnne even went back to the other women to try and spin this like she tried to do the right thing, but mean old Kary shot her down. I’m surprised LeeAnne didn’t cry about how she was the victim of racism because she was raised in a carnival. She’s probably saving that for the reunion!

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If LeeAnne were truly sorry (which she’s not) she wouldn’t be continuing to justify the very things she’s ostensibly apologizing for.

Feeling persecuted (her only emotion) our lady of perpetual victimhood leaves the party. “I do bad things,” LeeAnne sniffles, “but I’m not a bad person.” Except, yeah, you are – because a person doesn’t constantly do bad things if they’re not a bad person. Also a good person doesn’t try to control and manipulate their friends by threatening their social position and shaming them for their choices.

Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 4 Finale Party

Finally away from LeeAnne, a lightbulb has gone on above Kam’s head (overhead lighting for sure!): LeeAnne’s reputation is at stake, not hers! With LeeAnne gone all the women relax, have a shot, and seem to be enjoying themselves.

This is exactly why I feel like LeeAnne needs to leave Real Housewives Of Dallas. Her very presence is toxic. When LeeAnne is around, everything is about LeeAnne! The other women are so afraid of upsetting her and setting her off, they spend all their time catering to her emotions and victimhood narrative. Kary broke them of a trance by refusing to backdown to LeeAnne’s manipulations. I am so glad she didn’t accept that apology, ala Cary Deuber, but stood her ground even it meant she might not get to hold a star next season.


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