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Jax Taylor Claps Back After Fans Hate On His Friendship With Ex Stassi Schroeder & Her Fiance Beau Clark

The kids from Vanderpump Rules have given us a whole different vibe this season. Can I even call them kids anymore? No, I guess I really can’t. We were lured into the show with messy breakups, cheating, flings, and physical violence. Those days are long gone and while there is still some drama,the cast has grown up. I mean, the drama hits a little different when people are arguing about who gets to be in their wedding. Speaking of, as if you didn’t already know (snort), Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got married. Not only did they talk about it all season but the episode was quite the affair. They all bought houses, most notably Ariana Madix with Tom Sandoval and Katie Maloney with husband, Tom Schwartz. Finally, Stassi Schroeder and her fan fav of a boyfriend, Beau Clark, got engaged.

It’s no surprise that this tight knit crew came together to celebrate the event, like they did the others. But not everyone thinks the cast should be, well, as tight as they appear to be.

To reflect the recent episode where Beau proposes to Stassi, Lala Kent shared a photo to her Instagram. While the photo isn’t new (we saw it last summer), it got some extra traction online this time around. Taken at Lisa Vanderpump’s house for a surprise dinner after getting engaged, it features Stassi being hugged by both Beau and Jax. Fans quickly flooded the comments with questions about Jax’s involvement in the photo.

One comment reads, “Jax spoils he picture by his presence.”Another one questions, “Why is Jax in the pic? That is so disrespectful to Beau. But I guess he can’t just let them have their moment.” The comments continue to rip into Jax, one referencing how Stassi is cool with Jax but not Kristen Doute. The commenter asks, “How can she have Jax hug her like that and not Kristen? I can’t understand where her logic sits. Wow, but I’m happy for Beau.”  Ehh, this one kind of has a point. Stassi definitely seems more forgiving towards Jax than longtime pal, Kristin.


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We all know Jax was Stassi’s boyfriend, and a horrible one at that, but is this really a surprise? Stassi was a bridesmaid at his wedding and all. Still, someone else wrote, “Jax ruins the moment.” While yet another commenter observes that Beau is “such an upgrade from Jax.” I mean, fair.

Jax, never one to keep his mouth shut on social media, quickly jumped in to defend himself. After Comments By Bravo picked up the photo, the displeasure with the arrangement continued. One comment said, “Kinda weird with Jax in the hug but ok.” Jax decided to respond by saying, “it’s called being adults and we dated a decade ago.” He continued, “get over it and move on. Always a troll.”


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But it wasn’t all hate. There was a nice outpouring of messages too. One read, “The most full circle VPR pic ever [red heart emoji].”Another person said, “This makes me so happy.” Some fans even see how beneficial all this growing up has been. One of the nicest comments yet states, “I love that Jax is in this pic. It shows how everyone can grow up and accept people’s past and be happy for one another.”

Despite the online haters, the cast seems to be in a really good place, at least when it comes to this. Schwartz even made sure to post the same pic, with Stassi commenting, “what a photo.” She followed this up with a laugh emoji and even a heart emoji. Clearly, she was unbothered by Jax being part of the hug. Maybe this is a lesson for all of us? If the woman between her ex-boyfriend and current fiance is okay with it, maybe we should be too. And honestly, it is a really cute photo.


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