Kristen Doute Let Ariana Madix & Brittany Cartwright Read What She Wrote About Tom Sandoval & Jax Taylor In Her New Book Before Publishing


If there is anyone who has consistently kept the drama going on Vanderpump Rules, it’s Kristen Doute. Her drama this season with Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney was pretty impressive. And Kristen has kept the momentum going with the release of her new book, He’s Making You Crazy. Fingers crossed her chapter with Brian Carter has officially closed.

I’m sure that Kristen not only has a lot of tea to spill about Carter in her book, but about former flames Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor as well. Who could forget one of the most dramatic moments in Pump Rules history when Kristen finally admitted she cheated on Tom with his best friend Jax. But what else does Kristen dish about the two? And most importantly, what would their significant others, Ariana Madix and Brittany Cartwright think?

In an interview with US Weekly, Kristen dished she gave Ariana and Brittany a heads up about what she wrote about Tom and Jax before her book got published. She must have learned her lesson about keeping secrets after Stassi gave her one of the most epic bitch slaps on TV for sleeping with Jax.  

Kristen said, “I didn’t ask permission from anyone because essentially they’re my stories and I gave myself that right to write how I felt. But I did reach out to both Brittany and Ariana and just kind of gave them a heads up that there were going to be some things about, you know, Brittany’s husband and Ariana, her long term boyfriend.”


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She added, “I even let Ariana read a little bit of it in regarding the chapter that’s about Tom and Ariana.” Regarding Brittany and Ariana’s reactions, Kristen said, “They were both like, you know, ‘Do you girl.’” That’s what they say for now…

Interestingly, Kristen chose not name names for the men she wrote about in her book. She noted, “I don’t think anyone is innocent in this book. But it would be so much grander for the reader to read if it was just left as a simple key or like a pseudonym as we use often because I want women to be reading the story and not about the who.” How very Sex in the City of her! I wonder who her Mr.Big will be?


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Kristen had quite a bit to say about the number one guy in the group. And by that I mean Tom. She wrote, “We would get ready together at his vanity, and when he said ‘you’re beautiful’ I wondered if he was talking to me or to himself. His flat iron, oh, his f—king flat iron. It was his most prized possession. Would he ever look at me the way he looked at it?” At least Ariana now knows how she can tell if Tom loves her or not.

Kristen also wrote about her frustration with their Katie and Tom Schwartz type love life. She wrote, “One night as he sat on our couch playing online poker for the eighth day in a row I put my foot down….I got on my knees and just went for it…And he pushed me away like a leper…I was twenty-six, hot, skinny, and drop-dead gorgeous. He would rather get two-pair, aces high than a BJ from his model girlfriend.”


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Well, Kristen definitely did not have that problem with Jax! She wrote about Jax, “I know we were both drunk, but also that we made a mutual, consensual decision. I’m still not sure how it could have happened, but it did. I slept with my boyfriend’s best friend, who not too long before this used to date my former best friend.”

Kristen added, “Looking back, I just wanted attention and affection, and it didn’t matter anymore from whom, or from where. I’d barely hugged my boyfriend, let alone had sex with him, in months. I was longing to feel desired, to know that I was still worth something.” She noted, “Years later this is still held against me, my Scarlet Letter, while the world has allowed him to let it go.” Now it makes a bit more sense why Kristen said this chapter was the hardest to write.


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I’m guessing Kristen spills a lot more tea regarding Tom and Jax in her book. Let’s hope that Ariana and Brittany stay cool with it. Otherwise, we know what the source of Kristen’s drama is going to be next season! If you want to buy Kristen’s book, you can get it here.


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