Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards

Brandi Glanville Denies Having A Threesome With Kim Richards

Bless her damn heart. Brandi Glanville still doesn’t have a diamond. After slapping Lisa Vanderpump and causing multiple controversies on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi found herself out of a job. The second she received a #pinkslipbybravo, Brandi started a campaign to try and get her gig back. Always finding herself in rather questionable situations, it seemed Brandi’s only shot was to create drama with people still actively employed on the show.

Most of the cast treated Brandi like a pariah, until they needed her for something. That “something” was a scandalous storyline with Denise Richards to pump up the drama on an otherwise lame season. In an attempt to throw the scent off the alleged affair with Brandi, Denise implied Brandi hooked up with yet another cast member. While we still don’t know if that is a fact, what we do know is it wasn’t Kim Richards. Thank God.

Brandi’s relationship with Kim remains consistent. Their friendship has stood the test of time, theatrics, and Kyle Richards. We’ve come a long way from Slut Pig and doing crystal meth in the bathroom, bitch. In a nutshell, RHOBH Season 10 was centered around the fact that Denise was sacrificed and Brandi was the pawn selected to take her down. Brandi has been featured in the dreaded “friend of” role since her departure, but hasn’t reached full diamond mode. Sometimes I get the feeling a gem was dangled in front of her to get the Denise storyline rolling, but Brandi’s bag remained empty when it was over.

During the cast trip to Rome, Denise may or may not have been playing Sketchy Sally when she mentioned Brandi having a fling with someone they all know. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave brought Brandi’s illicit claim to Denise’s attention in a lackluster attempt to be the season GOAT. Teddi didn’t receive any accolades for this grand reveal, but viewers did when she eventually got fired.


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Naturally this lead to going down (no pun intended) the list of people Brandi might have slept with. Brandi hasn’t been issuing denials, but she did say it absolutely, positively was not her friend Kim. In a Twitter post, Brandi commented on the speculation. “I have NEVER had a 3some with @KimRichards11 unless you count her 30lb cat that sleeps on my chest when we have girls nights.”

Question, who the hell asked? Answer, literally no one. Meanwhile, Kim seems to mainly use her Twitter platform for ads, so the poor woman probably has no idea this is happening right now.

Fans responded to Brandi and told her not to give this rumor life or acknowledge it. Hmmm, Denise should have done the same thing except she was essentially badgered and berated into addressing an incident she still claims never happened. Brandi responded, “Tell that to the bloggers spreading BS and lies.” In all fairness, most writers go with what they are given, and Brandi has been incredibly generous over the years. At this point, with lack of receipts, evidence, and complete denial from the other party – what are the BS and lies? That Brandi and Denise had a full on affair of the heart behind Aaron Phypers’ back? That Kyle really broke her nose last year?


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Here’s the moral dilemma. Brandi isn’t really in the position to get all butthurt over published gossip because, pot/kettle. It’s safe to argue that if Denise is lying about Brandi, then Brandi could be lying about Kim. But at the end of the day did anything happen with either of them? It would be great to get some kind of clarification on any rumor sparked from the RHOBH camp. Hell, we still don’t know who leaked the damn story about the dog we will never speak of again. I fully believe Brandi did not swim in the Kim pond, but this rumor proves how easy it is to light a match.


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