Sutton Stracke’s Ex-Husband Christian Stracke Filed For Divorce On Her Birthday Without Telling Her And Brought Her A Cake

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie Sutton Stracke is doing the most to earn her diamond this season. She’s been in an ongoing feud with fellow newbie Crystal Kung Minkoff that just keeps getting worse. She’s the only one questioning Erika Jayne for her alleged involvement in Tom Girardi’s legal accusations following their sham divorce. And she’s got her BFF Garcelle Beauvais by her side as the duo we didn’t know we needed on RHOBH. Take that, Lisa Rinna and Erika.

Sutton appeared on Season 10 of RHOBH as a friend-of, but the drama circled around the gang-up involving the Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville hookup allegations. Sutton’s a Southern Belle who loves couture and isn’t afraid to cry in public. And so far, she’s a good addition to a cast full of “great actors” who always don’t keep things 100% authentic, as Garcelle said. But we’re still getting to know about Sutton’s background and personal life. Even though we already know her lips are sealed when it comes to revealing the source of her riches.

During last week’s episode, Sutton hosted a Parisian-themed party that was Erika’s first appearance since filing for divorce. EJ kept it vague, as always, yet none of the ladies went in on her half as much as they did when they were outing Denise. But in a deleted scene from the episode captured by @Queensofbravo on Twitter, Sutton gave the girls a backstory surrounding her own divorce prior to Erika’s dramatic entrance.

While the ladies were sitting around waiting for Erika, Sutton revealed that her ex-husband Christian Stracke filed for divorce on her birthday. And EJ thought she was savage and smart for serving her husband papers on Election Day. “I had a birthday party, a dinner, and he came,” Sutton said. “I had no idea he filed and then the next day, he called me. He was flying to Florida and he said, ‘You need to get an attorney.” The women literally gasped in disbelief at the story.


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Dorit Kemsley was the most inquisitive, asking if Sutton had any idea they were headed for divorce. “No. He had moved out so we were separated, but I didn’t think like separated forever,” Sutton explained. Dorit was shocked the most about Sutton’s ex showing his face at her party after filing for divorce. “Right and he brought a cake,” Sutton added. Like WHAT. Who’s mans is this?

“This is why I cry all the time,” Sutton added. And honestly, I don’t blame her. What a heartbreaking way to get divorced. One of the ladies should’ve pulled out a face roller for Sutton to calm down after sharing such a personal story.


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