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Erika Jayne’s Ghostwriter Says She Didn’t Know What Was Going On With Tom Girardi’s Finances; Legal Records Negate This

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 11th season is premiering tonight. Fans are preparing to analyze every single nuance or word out of Erika Jayne’s mouth. If you don’t know, Erika is involved in an alleged embezzlement scheme with estranged husband, Tom Girardi. Erika and Tom had a 20-year relationship and now they have about 20 years of trouble on their hands. Tom’s legal issues are not new, but only became media-worthy after his wife scored a diamond.

We know Erika is denying knowledge of Big Tommy’s financial adjusting, but many are rolling their eyes at that claim. Now the ghostwriter of her memoir, Pretty Mess, backs Erika up and co-signs that she was both unbothered and unaware.

Since Erika’s intro to the show, things have changed. Mikey is missing. The mansion chapel is kaput. Erika is facing allegations that the divorce from Big Tommy is a sham to hide assets for multiple pending fraud cases. No word on what happened to her pet octopus. Erika is on the denial train for the duration and believe it or not, there are passengers on that train. Not many passengers, and they are popping Dramamine like Tic-Tacs because the ride is bumpy, but innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz. One of those esteemed riders is the gentleman who helped pen Erika’s book.

The Los Angeles Times provides perspective from Bryan Moylan, fellow denial train commuter and friend of Erika. Bryan maintains Erika had little to no knowledge of Big Tommy’s shifty dealings. “If someone knows what is going on and is telling you a different version of the truth, you can kinda feel it,” he said. So Bryan feels Erika was unaware of MULTIPLE fraud cases that she commented publicly on. What about the convenient deposit of $20 million to her corporate account, EJ Global? What was that other nagging thing, OH YEAH, Erika is also on the Board of Directors at Girardi Financial.


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Bryan has maintained sporadic contact with Erika and reveals the uncovering of Tom’s dastardly deeds appear to have left her in a “state of shock”. But… but, I thought she was so unbothered? Bryan added, “I don’t believe she knew any of what was going on.” That’s nice, but Erika’s signature on loans determine that is a lie up for debate.

Erika was also aware of Big Tommy’s other clients trying to get their money. The burn victim is one. Family of plane crash victims are another. In fact, Reality Tea has been reporting on cases against Tom since 2016. So it’s pretty safe to say if we knew, she knew.


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In 2020, Erika was subpoenaed to answer questions about the Girardi assets. The testimony was postponed, but Tom testified in September that about $100 million was obliterated. “I don’t have any money,” he said. This is also when Tom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis began making the rounds. Via the article, “The shocking admission occurred during the coronavirus quarantine. When she [Erika] and her husband were alone together in their mansion, having dinner every night at their kitchen table.” Every night? So is Erika now also unaware of his implied failing health?

Erika filed for divorce in November and cameras were up by then. So Tom has lost everything, including his memory, and ride or die Erika files for divorce. Thankfully, Erika still has that Bravo money. Bryan said, “A housewife of Erika’s caliber” (side-eye) probably earns between $300k and $500k per year.” Who said crime doesn’t pay! In exchange for top dollar, the cast is supposed to spill their guts. “The producers of the shows tend to hold the women’s feet to the fire and really make them address these things, whether or not they want to,” Bryan shared. Um, when does this happen again? Oh right, only when the main cast have something to hide. #justicefordenise


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A lot of minds are made up, but perhaps Erika being open and honest will sway some opinions. Stay tuned to see if the Pretty Mess turns into a very Ugly Dilemma. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 returns tonight at 8pm on Bravo.


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