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Andy Cohen Shares His 5 Favorite Real Housewives Moms Of All Time

All of us regular-degular nobodies probably don’t often find ourselves relating to the lifestyles we see on the Real Housewives very often. Massive mansions, designer lunch outfits, private planes — the life of the 1% is pretty mysterious for the rest of us down here. However, I often find from watching the show that reality stars really are like us. They make massive vats of mayo-drenched chicken salad (looking at you, Kim Richards). They pick up dog poop on walks (or in Ramona Singer’s case, inside of Blue Stone Manor). They order fast food. And they even get annoyed by their moms. See, we aren’t so different after all.

I’m a sucker for any Real Housewives scene that features the ladies and their moms. Dorothy Dillard knows this very well — she works her camera time on Real Housewives of Potomac. Oftentimes, in Dot’s case, it’s actually too much. Sometimes they act like stage parents to their totally grown daughters — look at the way Dale Mercer lives vicariously through Tinsley Mortimer. It makes the personal moments on the show that much better when a hilarious mom is involved.

The moms know how to have fun and get involved in the drama. But they also provide insightful maternal wisdom to not only their families but also those of us watching at home. I totally relate to Andy Cohen’s absolute obsession over the moms of Real Housewives. It really brings back the real-life element of these shows that are sometimes overly aspirational or dramatized.

During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy revealed his top 5 Real Housewives moms of all time. There are so many entertaining mamas to choose from, so narrowing it down to five had to be difficult. He also did it all in front of the entire Real Housewives of Miami cast, so he’s pretty bold for that. It would definitely make me anxious — most of the ladies don’t like anyone dissing the mothers in their lives.


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At No. 5, Andy had to go with the always fabulous free spirit that is Marge Senior. The mother of Margaret Josephs shows Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers that age is just a number. She and Marge are basically twins at this point, and I’m not even crediting it to their mother-daughter facelifts. Marge Sr. is the WILD ONE. The Marge knows she’s basically the parent to her parent, but has come to terms with it and built a beautiful relationship with her regardless. It also sounds like the next season of RHONJ will require Marge to confide in her mom more than ever, so it’s nice to see their genuine bond.

Speaking of Miss Dale, the Real Housewives of New York mom came in at No. 4 on Andy’s list. Dale is a treasure and probably the only person left who could rescue the sinking ship that is RHONY. Dale’s a helicopter mom to the extreme, and I truly loved every moment she was on my TV screen. Let’s bring back single Tins and her mom to RHONY — there’s no way it could go wrong.

Even though Real Housewives of Dallas is on a permanent hiatus for an unknown amount of time, Andy had to give creds to Mama Dee. The mother to D’Andra Simmons from Dallas is a true Southern lady who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s just one of those moms you know will shed some life-changing wisdom on your when you least expect it.


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Spot No. 2, of course, had to go with the Real Housewives of Atlanta mom that runs the streets — Miss Mama Joyce. Kandi Burruss’ mom laid the blueprint for Real Housewives moms getting involved in the drama. We’ve seen Kandi attempt to navigate her mother’s stubborn ways for years. Finally, Miss Joyce has an amicable relationship with her son-in-law, Todd Tucker, despite a rocky road to get there. This is a mom who inspired her daughter to write a WHOLE PLAY about her to try to express her feelings in a way that might make sense to Joyce. You have to respect her impact.

And, the crown jewel in Andy’s eyes when it comes to reality TV moms is the late and great RHOM star Mama Elsa. Marysol Patton’s mom MADE the early seasons of Miami so great. She was the definition of someone who was full of life and unapologetically themselves, whether you liked it or not. Sadly, she passed away prior to the current RHOM season, but her legacy will live on forever. “I love her,” Andy said after the announcement. “I know I speak for all of us when I say we miss you very much Elsa.” OK why am I sobbing? RIP Elsa.


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