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Erika Jayne Says Sutton Stracke “Has Been Called Worse” Than The C-Word

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn’t been an easy one for Sutton Stracke. Much like last season of RHOBH, Sutton has had a bumpy ride with Erika Jayne. Erika told Sutton’s bestie, Garcelle Beauvais, that Sutton was “a liability.” Erika also said that Garcelle “cleans up for Sutton.”

Garcelle was over Erika’s comments. “Bring on the reunion!!!! Sick of this BS,” Garcelle tweeted.

Then there is Diana Jenkins. Diana didn’t like Sutton from the jump. At Garcelle’s birthday bash, Sutton tried to be empathetic to Diana, who was sadly recovering from a miscarriage. When Sutton brought up her prior miscarriages, Diana became icy. Sutton called her “soulless.” The duo later met for lunch, which was an awkward waste of time.

During a recent episode of RHOBH, Sutton brought up how Erika called her a “c**t” last season at the reunion. Let’s rewind a bit.

During Season 11, Sutton was threatened by Erika at Kathy Hilton’s swanky dinner party. All because Sutton dared to ask questions about Erika’s estranged husband Tom Girardi’s legal and financial dumpster fire. After Erika’s threats, Sutton asked for security and nearly left the show.

When Sutton brought up Erika’s comment, she noted that none of her co-stars stood up for her. Then Diana echoed Erika’s c-word remark, and most of the ladies started laughing. Then Diana bashed Sutton and accused her of attacking her after her miscarriage.

Reality Blurb! reported that Erika, Sutton, and the rest of the Beverly Hills ladies discussed the event on the RHOBH: After Show. “Erika called me the c-word publicly and none of you said anything to her and that was in a huge public forum. And Diana, she said, ‘That’s because you are,’ and everyone laughed,” Sutton remarked. “[Garcelle] didn’t laugh. Who are these people laughing at that joke? That’s not funny,” she added.

“It was terrible,” Garcelle commented. “It was a horrible night.”

“Okay. Alright. Whatever I’m sure she’s been called worse,” Erika stated. “That seems very genuine 11 months later. It just dawned on you?” Dorit Kemsley commented.

Kyle Richards laughed with her co-stars about Diana’s comment. Kyle stated, “Sutton can say things and make mistakes but she’s not the c-word and being called that is very hurtful. I personally don’t like that word at all.” She added, “If someone called me that, it would make me feel sad, so I feel bad for [Sutton].”

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I was surprised at Crystal Kung Minkoff’s reaction since she and Sutton were close this season. “That’s a word [I] don’t really use. [But] I’ve never hidden the fact that I think that [Sutton] jabs people and claims it’s like she’s being cheeky,” Crystal said. “She’s been very good at sort of being able to play this Southern Belle thing but it’s actually quite snarky and mean and I see that in her.” Yikes!

Sutton had another theory as to why her RHOBH co-stars didn’t stand up for her. She stated, “Culture shows this: Over the thousands of years, people love to join in. You could be a really good person and when you see that this is popular to do, you’ll surprise yourself and you’ll join in on this mass of hatred.”

The boutique owner continued, “I’m the target. [Diana] joined in. Maybe she’s proud of herself. Maybe she really feels this way about me. I don’t know,” Sutton added.

I will admit that I am a Sutton fan, and I love that Garcelle has her back.


[Photo Credit: John Tsiavis/Bravo]