Here’s The Reality TV Shows I’m Watching This Week

I hope everyone had a good week! I know I did. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finally delivered on (some of) their promised drama. I also started watching Dancing With The Stars thanks to you-know-who. And because Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is returning this week, it’s going to be another banger of a reality tv lineup. Let’s jump into what I’m watching this week.

Sunday – Real Housewives of Atlanta

The third and final part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is here. And we all know what the third part means – the husbands. As I’ve mentioned before, I love Real Housewives reunions. Airing out the season after they have all freshly watched their castmates go after them is *chef’s kiss.* Yet I’m always bored with the husbands. RHOA has a history of strong husband showings when it comes to reunions but it’s been a long time since they were needed. Either way, I can’t believe Andy Cohen is going to make me sit through multiple segments of Tampa Ralph Pittman blabbing on about his book. Anyway, I guess it will be nice to see Todd Tucker call Marlo Hampton thirsty.

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Monday – Dancing With The Stars

I’m sure you can all guess why I’m putting extra effort into paying attention this season. DWTS has cast Teresa Giudice on the show. And while the Real Housewives of New Jersey OG isn’t sporting $10k worth of hair, she’s still in her shimmery glory. Can you name another housewife that would embrace the dancing costumes more? I hate Tre, but she’s perfect for this show. I was also excited for the nostalgia of seeing Smith Jerrod, ahem, I mean Jason Lewis, on the show. But spoiler alert, he already got voted off after the first episode. Good thing he didn’t have to dance on Sex and the City.

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Wednesday – Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

There’s something about Kathy (Hilton). Last week, we watched Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne expertly deflect attention away from Erika’s meltdown by Rinna “exposing” Kathy for her alleged rage session in Aspen. I’m no Kathy stan but….was this really that big of a deal? Stomping on her glasses and saying she would take down sister Kyle Richards? This is nothing compared to Rinna trying to grab Kim Richards’ throat and breaking a glass in a public restaurant. I’m glad Rinna has grown from her past (physical) actions because if she hadn’t, I’m thinking Garcelle Beauvais not thanking Harry Hamlin for his sauce would have gone down much differently.

But I digress. This week, it looks like a teary-eyed Kyle will confront Kathy about whatever she said or did. And Rinna will be there to hold Kathy “accountable” for privately losing it about the sister who harassed her into coming on the show for years, only to  throw her under the bus. Just like Kim. Kathy is probably more mad at herself than Kyle at this point.

Watch on Bravo at 8 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Wednesday – Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

You guys, it’s HERE! RHOSLC is def a top Real Housewives franchise, period dot. It doesn’t even matter if this is only their third season. What they have delivered so far is gold. And this season promises to be more of the same. We know that Jen Shah pled guilty in the federal case against her. But what we don’t know is why she likely spent multiple episodes saying she would prove her innocence. Well, I mean, we can guess. Still….I want to know everything and anything about it. I want ALL the details and for this franchise, producers seem to deliver.

I’m also excited because coming off last season’s hot mic humiliation, Meredith Marks has that look in her eyes. You know the one – when a housewife is out for blood but they also have lots of fillers and botox. So their face always looks angry but they actually are angry? That one. There’s no doubt that Meredith will be coming for Lisa Baby Gorgeous Barlow. Oh and Heather Gay pushes her sister cousin Whitney Rose in what appears to be lingerie? I’m quaking!

Watch on Bravo at 9 PM ET. The episode is also available to stream on Peacock the next day.

Wednesday – Watch What Happens Live

Immediately following the premiere of RHOSLC, Watch What Happens Live is giving us the goods. I know this is now common place but I’m extra excited to see Lisa and Whitney at the clubhouse. I am just dreaming of all the wonderfully shady viewer questions that will be coming their way.

Will Andy do shotskis of Vida tequila? Will Whitney update us on the current state of Wild Rose Beauty? It has a working website, which is always a good start when you cleared out your life savings to rebrand. Aside from those burning questions, I’m sure they will offer plenty of colorful commentary about the premiere episode. God, I love premiere nights!

Watch on Bravo at 10 PM ET.

[Photo Credit: ABC/Andrew Eccles]