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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Meredith Marks Weighs In On Cast Shake Up; Says We Need To “Bridge The Gap”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans are in a tizzy because one of their infamous OGs is headed for the slammer. We’ve been in this situation before, my friends. Wondering if a show is in jeopardy because a core cast member is a criminal about to serve jail time. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice stole walked so Jen Shah could sit and contemplate new ways to curl her hair with toilet paper rolls.

So, obviously Bravo has a problem and that problem is going away for a bit. This means someone will have to come in and fill a space left open by the completely avoidable act of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Meredith Marks supports Bravo in their journey to fill that hole with someone not allegedly racist or someone with criminal intent. Good luck this time, Bravo execs! Meredith spoke with Page Six about RHOSLC’s next move after Jen moves to general population.

Meredith said, “I think we need people who are going to help bridge the gap. Obviously, we’re very divided right now.” She added, “That’s a problem.” It was both a weird and a disappointing season for a show that started off so damn strong. Why are we already resorting to shark jumping with a program only on it’s third year? I’m looking at you, Heather Gay.

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Meredith gave the interview from her Utah boutique during the Sundance Film Festival. Her boutique is the one place you are guaranteed an AUTHENTIC Brooks Marks jumpsuit. She believes the show needs some lightening up. Gee, you think? Multiple episodes focused on Whitney Rose’s childhood trauma, Jen’s histrionics, and Heather lending an entire storyline to the contemplation of assault. Meredith is absolutely right.

She added, “It’s obviously really hard to have events and do things when we’re not getting along.” Perhaps she was alluding to the fact that none of her co-stars attended her intimate cocktail party. I guess we know who won’t be getting that highly coveted Brooks Marks swag now! Meredith continued, “So hopefully we have some people who can come in, lighten the mood and bridge the gap.” Yes, and hopefully Bravo can avoid adding more alleged racists or felons to the mix. That would be… refreshing.

Meredith and Seth Marks organized their boutique soirée to launch a new podcast, Hanging by a Thread. That makes approximately 845 different podcasts courtesy of Bravolebrities. Oh what a time to be alive! Meredith won’t talk about Jen’s new lifestyle change, but she said, “It’s coincidence that it just sort of all unfolded together, and it’s just a lot. It’s very heavy, and sometimes life is heavy,” Meredith added. Yes, being sentenced to six years in prison because you couldn’t stop yourself from defrauding elderly people is pretty heavy.

Bravo better be checking old social media posts and sending out contracts because according to the RHOSLC show runner, Season 4 will begin production in about three weeks. Obviously Jen’s spot will be filled and two new ladies will allegedly join the antics. Auditions were reportedly held in the fall of 2022. At this time, we do not know if Angie Harrington is on a spiritual retreat in hopes of manifesting a snowflake.

Maybe one of the newbies can finally sus out what happened to Heather’s damn eye. If you were at all concerned some of your faves were leaving, don’t worry because everyone not going to jail is staying put. Meredith, Heather, Whitney, and hot mic expert Lisa Barlow will all return. As for Jen, we’ll check in with her in about 72 months.


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