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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 3: The Gorgas Vs. Giudices Is Back In Full-Force

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 might only be a few episodes in, but it’s already back to a classic case of Giudice vs. Gorga. In the latest episode “Boys Will Be Boys,” both Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga show serious signs of rising tension. Joe has obviously reached a new level of toxicity with his feelings toward his sister, while Tre just seems ready to move on with her life.

Melissa Gorga tries her best in the latest RHONJ episode to be on the same level as her husband and Tre, but we all can imagine how that turns out. Plus, there are plenty of HouseHusbands scenes for those fans who are into that sort of thing. Here are five main takeaways from the latest RHONJ episode.

Melissa And Joe Secure Their Storyline

The episode picks up at Danielle Cabral’s already legendary mozzarella-making party where Tre and MelGo are feuding. MelGo is hung up about the engagement party, but Tre’s ready to move on. She even asks Melissa then and there (in front of all of their co-stars) to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. MelGo doesn’t want a pity invite, but it does show Tre making an effort to make some peace. They hug it out, but it’s clear that it’s just a temporary bandaid.

The real problems come up when Melissa’s family members reveal to her and Joey that they didn’t get a coveted invite to Tre’s wedding. This is like a huge punch in the gut to Joe. He believes that Tre should respect his in-laws because they were kind to Tre and Joe’s parents before they died.

It’s not that Joe doesn’t have a point. We just have to remember this is a TV show, not some run-of-the-mill family drama. Joe seems to revel in having another reason to trash his sister and Luis Ruelas in the public eye. Good for you, Gorgas. The storyline might be enough for one season, but the family drama will last a lifetime.

Frank And Dolores Have Growing Pains

Dolores Catania is in a love bubble of her own these days. She’s all-in on Paul Connell and their relationship seems to be smooth sailing. The main issue is Frank Catania. Frank isn’t handling the adjustment with his ex-wife’s new man very well. Frank’s used to being Dolo’s right-hand man and feels like Paul doesn’t understand their unusual closeness. The trio film a scene together in Dolores’ kitchen where the dominance game is on full display.

Frank comes over to shoot his calendar photo, and Paul can’t stop making jokes about Frank looking like Mr. Potato Head. Dolo is just shocked she’s at this point in her life and dealing with two grown men insulting each other with Toy Story character names. Paul makes a comment to Frank about him texting Dolores to make plans with Paul. The remark rubs Frank the wrong way. He thinks that Paul was questioning his manhood. It’s obvious these three have some growing pains to work through in this weird relationship.

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The Aydins’ Cracks Are Showing

Jennifer Aydin is not being herself and even her enemies know it. Margaret Josephs may have just accused Jennifer of having “marijuana paranoia,” but she wastes no time dissecting Jen’s personal problems. At a lunch with MelGo and Jackie Goldschneider, Marge starts a conversation about Jennifer’s “downward spiral.” The trio believes that Jennifer’s outbursts are a result of her not healing from the marriage issues that transpired last season. The tone of the conversation was very mean girl. But I hate to say it — they might be right.

Jennifer and Bill Aydin film a scene at home that gives some indication of their issues. Jennifer tries to clue Bill in on her fight with Margaret at Danielle’s party. Bill tries to see Marge’s point of view and look at the fight from both sides, which ticks off his wife.

“I don’t need my husband to validate the other person,” Jennifer says in a confessional. She feels like her husband never has her back, which the editors are quick to cut back to examples of. These problems are just mounting, so it’s clear Jennifer and Bill have plenty to work through this season in their marriage. I hope they can do it and get back to being sloppy tequila drunks because I love them at their best.

Tre’s Dorters Have Entered The Chat

The Gorgas may be mad about Tre’s wedding guestlist, but Tre isn’t happy with her brother either. And now, the Dorters have entered the chat. The episode is filmed right after MelGo and Joe release a podcast episode talking about the time when Tre and Joe Giudice were going “to camp.” The Gorgas gave themselves a whole lot of credit for being there for Tre’s kids while she was behind bars, and the Giudice clan thinks this is a whole lot of embellishment.

Gia Giudice is a friend-of RHONJ at this point. Now, Gabriella Giudice joins her in a whole scene dedicated to slamming the Gorga’s latest stunt. “Credit shouldn’t be given where it’s not earned,” Gabriella says about the Gorgas patting themselves on the back. The SHADE.

Gia also thinks that Melissa just wants to look better than Tre. Gia is messy at heart, so she’s mad that her mom extended an olive branch to ask Melissa to be in the wedding at all. The entire conversation brings Teresa to tears and shows that the feud isn’t just Tre vs. Melissa anymore. The family members are taking sides and no one is playing nice.

Luis Tries To Bring The Namaste

The Giudice vs. Gorga drama boils over at a guys’ night hosted by Frank Sr. featuring way too many shots of booze. Joe shows up to the event already mad, and it’s escalated when Bill Aydin starts telling him to be nicer to his future brother-in-law. Joe gets activated, calling Luis garbage and other names before he even walks into the bar. Luis shows up and they hug it out at first, but then it turns into some old-school Giudice vs. Gorga fighting.

Joe asks Luis why Melissa’s family wasn’t invited to the wedding. Luis blames “past bullsh*t” and says that ultimately, it’s up to Teresa (correct). Luis throws the podcast episode back at Joe to express his own hurt. Joey starts pounding his fist on the table and screaming a lot of four-letter words. The HouseHusbands calm Tarzan down to let Luis get a word in. Luis’ red face subsides and he stops making talking motions with his hands to pull out his Zen side. Maybe he really is, dare I say it, good for Teresa? Let’s not get too carried away yet.

Luis validates Joe’s feelings and suggests that the siblings sit down for a talk to clear the air. Luis is already a step above Juicy Joe in peacemaking by acknowledging the hurt and anger on all sides. Joe Gorga, however, is out for blood. He has to be convinced into entertaining a simple conversation with his sister. He is convinced that Tre is incapable of change and he is done trying to move forward. It’s sad for Joe to be steadfast in this stance when he knows his sister’s wedding is weeks away. As Luis said, Joe and Melissa’s feelings are valid. It’s how they act like they’re the center of the universe in this situation that rubs me the wrong way.


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