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Tom Schwartz And Tom Sandoval Defend Scheana Shay Amid Feud With Katie Maloney

Not a priority? Vanderpump Rules fans know that Katie Maloney often felt that her ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, did not have her back. He always sided with others in arguments. Most notably, with his bestie Tom Sandoval.

Well, Katie will not be pleased that Schwartz and Sandoval have joined forces again to undermine her position. It’s early into Season 10 of Pump Rules and drama is swirling. Katie and Tom are dealing with the emotional fallout of their separation.

Then Scheana Shay tried to set Katie’s ex up with co-star Raquel Leviss. Scheana claimed she got Katie’s “blessing” to hook the friends up. But the Ohio native denied the conversation ever happened.

There’s been some social media shade going back and forth as new episodes air. Katie called Raquel a “desperado” after posing with Tom outside his bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s. Scheana also was in the line of fire.

Katie posted a series of texts between herself and Scheana. The messages referenced a conversation at Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant in Vegas in April 2022. Katie wanted to make it clear that she did not ask Scheana to try and hook her ex-husband up with Raquel.

On the latest episode of VPR, Scheana played matchmaker. She interviewed Schwartz for her Scheananigans podcast. She asked Schwartz about his divorce from Katie and rumors that he hooked up with Raquel at Coachella.

Katie was livid when she found out. “You do not need to talk about the most painful day in my life,” she told Scheana. “It’s none of your f—king business. I don’t care what you think. There is no room for your feelings. There is no room for you in this.”

She continued, “Get out of my divorce with Tom. I am really proud of where we are and you are derailing everything. You are meddling like a little troll.”

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And now it’s gone a step further. Sandoval has jumped into this mess by coming to Scheana’s defense. He confirmed to Us Weekly that Katie did consent for the mother of one to play matchmaker. According to Tom, Scheana “was told by Katie to set Schwartz up with Raquel.

Sandoval added, “I mean, you know, if you ask for chocolate milk and somebody gets you chocolate milk, like, and you’re mad at them, like, you asked for it. You know what I mean?”

He added, “Like, she literally asked for it. She told Scheana, like, ‘I encourage you to do that. I’m doing my thing, and I’m having fun.'”

The Vegas incident between Scheana and Katie happened off camera. However, Sandoval confirmed that the conversation did happen. He also gave Scheana credit for backing off once Katie made her feelings clear.

“Once she found [how Katie really felt], she kind of, like, stopped,” he said. Schwartz is taking a diplomatic approach saying the former couple made a verbal pact about who they could date.

“We did make, like, this sort of very informal pact to not hook up with anyone from the group, but I don’t know,” Schwartz revealed. “I don’t know much merit I put in that.”

Schwartz added that he would be fine with Katie dating closer to home. He said, “If the roles were reversed … it doesn’t matter who Katie hooks up with or didn’t, would’ve hooked up with.”

Sandoval, referencing Schwartz’s lax feelings on who Katie dates joked, “Well, I have something to tell you.” Schwartz responded. “I knew it!”

Tom and Raquel were first linked when a rumor spread that they made out at Coachella. This was never confirmed. But the pair did lock lips at Scheana and Brock Davies’ wedding in August 2022 in Mexico.

In February 2022, Schwartz addressed the hookup, saying “hurting Katie” was “never my intention.” Though he had no regrets.

This drama is going off the rails!


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