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Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney Says Scheana Shay Was “Meddling” In Divorce With Tom Schwartz; Claims Scheana Encouraged Raquel Leviss Hookup

Welcome to A Tale of Two Bubbas where the Regin of Terror takes place after Katie Maloney has blown through approximately 3 tequila shots. We’ve returned to Vanderpump Rules and Katie has a bone to pick with Scheana Shay. Scheana’s back must hurt after carrying the weight of everyone’s issues on this show. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. But at least she understands the assignment.

Katie is big mad because her marriage sank faster than everyone’s fear of quicksand in the 1980’s. Please identify yourself if you thought the bond of holy matrimony between Katie and Tom Schwartz would last. I want to see the pretty colors in the dream world where you live.

We are now watching the demise of The Bubbas. Raquel Leviss had to decide between irrelevance and a juicy storyline. Because fame is fleeting, the choice was easy. As a result, Katie is butthurt over Tom’s reluctance to show any willpower or comprehensive thinking abilities. Oh, and she’s mad at Scheana, too.

According to Us Weekly, Katie doesn’t feel Scheana supported her after the Tom split. She also thinks Scheana encouraged the Raquel/Tom hookup. Instagram user Cici Loves You did the most and compared Scheana’s divorce to Mike Shay to Tom and Katie’s situation. Katie then entered the chat.

Katie wrote, “Ya I was v(ery) supportive during her divorce and wouldn’t have dreamed of meddling this way.” Um, that’s because no one wanted a storyline with Shay. That man had enough problems on his own. She added, “Grief isn’t linear and I have said all kinds of s—t, cried and screamed. All while being under a microscope and thought I had actual friends during these conversations. She said I told him I would wing woman for him. And I said ya when he is ready he could probably used [SIC] some encouragement from some friends.”

For years we watched Katie battle Tom with a condescending attitude while he failed to prove he had a decent understanding of the word “faithful”. Also, Katie sat there and co-signed Scheana basically saying she would help Schwartz date.

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Katie recalled a 10 minute convo she had with Scheana back in April 2022 when this all started blowing up. “What I meant by that was it wasn’t the environment to take anything I was saying seriously.” Fun fact: there was a lot of drinking during this discussion. “It was cheeky girly chat. And I certainly didn’t think she would throw it in Tom’s face either.” I’m sorry, has Katie met Scheana?

Tom and Raquel went down to kissy-face town in August 2022. Scheana allegedly gave “her blessing” like some kind of mafioso Don. She said, “There was a conversation that happened between Katie and I … and Katie said, ‘I think they would make a good couple,’ or, ‘They might be a good match,’ or something along those lines.”

That was all Scheana needed to hear. She took a puff of her inhaler and went on a love mission. “So I took that and ran with it and I told Raquel, ‘Katie kind of gives you her blessing if you want to pursue that.’ And then you’ll see the rest play out,” Scheana revealed. Then Katie posted and deleted the text exchange between herself and Scheana.

Katie wrote, “Back in May … after we spoke in Vegas … I told Scheana I wasn’t down for this s—t … so keep going with this diabolical nonsense.” Looks like Sober Katie wasn’t pleased with Drunk Katie’s choices. “I was pretty clear that I didn’t mean or cosign s—t … so why go through with this?” She accused Scheana of laying “some ground work” down after the false rumors that Tom and Raquel hooked up at Coachella. She said, “Inviting Schwartz and Raquel to her birthday (not me). It was very obvious.”

It sounds like Katie might have drunkenly given approval of Scheana’s matchmaking and then woke up with regrets. If you aren’t waking up with regrets on VPR, is there even a show? On this one, point goes to Scheana. It’s not up to anyone to interpret Katie’s thoughts when impaired by alcohol. And it certainly will never be up to Schwartz not to cross any lines.


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