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Vanderpump Rules Star Raquel Leviss Says Katie Maloney Is The Reason Fling With Tom Schwartz Ended

The big news is Vanderpump Rules finally returned for Season 10. Fans have been waiting a long time for the crew to come back because a lot happened during the show’s hiatus.

Stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz finally ended their long-troubled marriage. You did not have to resurrect Miss Cleo to know their relationship would probably not have a happy ending. The moral of the story is, don’t give someone who doesn’t want to marry you an ultimatum because it might not end well.

Now Katie is unattached and on her healing journey. Schwartz most likely didn’t need a lot of repair time from something that didn’t appear to mean a lot to him in the first place. While both are dating, they did make a pact not to date anyone in their friend circle. Naturally Schwartz violated this pact immediately. Single Raquel Leviss has entered the chat.

Rumors and social media began playing a part when Coachella was going down in 2022. We began hearing murmurs of kissing and hooking up between Schwartz and Raquel. James Kennedy and Raquel ended their engagement during the Season 9 reunion. Both single, consenting adults? Yes. Doing the one thing the estranged wife asked you not to do? Also yes. Allegedly. To be fair, Katie also asked Schwartz not to cheat on her during their relationship and he couldn’t do that either.

We finally know Schwartz and Raquel definitely kissed at Scheana Shay’s second try at matrimony. But according to Raquel, their fling went poof because of Katie. Raquel, she did you a favor, honey. Page Six has the details.

Whilst filming Season 10, Raquel and Schwartz went full dramatic storyline and smooched. Unfortunately, this passionate romance won’t have an arc because Katie went in and shut that down.

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Raquel said, “We are really good friends. We hang out, and he’s a great guy. As far as a romantic thing, it was more his decision to not pursue that. I think Katie had a big reasoning as to why. But I respect his decision, and I gained a really good friendship out of it,” she added. But don’t cry for Raquel. She’ll also navigate interactions with Peter Madrigal and Garcelle Beauvais’ (married) son.

Even though the kiss hurt Katie’s feelings, Schwartz said he has no regrets. He shared, “It was only a kiss. I don’t regret it. Now, if we want to get into some of the intricacies, maybe the timing was a little disrespectful.” YOU THINK? He added, “In the moment, I was so caught up in my own little world. Something was in the air. … I regretted it in the sense that it hurt some people that I care a lot about, like maybe James and Katie — not so much James, but Katie.” I’m sure something was in the air and that something was probably a bus load of vodka.

To say Katie is perturbed with Raquel, who probably needs to make better choices, would be an understatement. At one point she called Raquel “a fan girl.” While her friendship with Raquel is currently under construction, things with Schwartz have improved. “We’re good. At this point, I think we’re good,” Katie said. “It’s just been a process to find that foundation of our friendship that is healthy for us both and not crossing any boundaries.”

This cast is completely incestuous, so Katie and Raquel will probably make up at some point. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that Schwartz will again violate his policy with Katie and drunk-kiss another one of her friends. Hopefully Kristen Doute isn’t lurking in the background somewhere. On an old sofa, with a copy of the movie Drive.


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