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Southern Charm Star Austen Kroll Hooked Up With Shep Rose’s Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Ann Green

Somehow Southern Charm was granted a Season 9. We pretty much know what will happen as each new season tends to blend into the last. There will be drinking, arguing, and Austen Kroll hooking up with people.

Fortunately, Austen found himself a new target in the form of Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend. Because, of course he did. It never ceases to amaze me how someone with the personality of a thumb pulls so many women. Taylor Ann Green must have decided it’s time to shed her good-girl image. By all means hook up with a man whose only requirement to visit bone town is his ability to take another breath.

According to Page Six, at the beginning of Season 9, Austen and Taylor had some type of physical interaction. A source shared, “Taylor has almost gone through the whole cast, minus Craig [Conover].” Oh that is RICH. Who is the source, Shep? The AUDACITY at trying to call Taylor out when sleeping with Austen is the new Welcome To Bravo handshake.

The insider added Austen and Taylor are attempting to keep their canoodling under the radar and “try to say they only made out.” Right, Austen doesn’t “only make out” with anyone. We’ve learned this because viewers are subjected to Austen on three shows. Thanks again, Bravo. Despite their effort to keep it on the low, “it gets revealed to be more than that.”

“[Season 9] is gonna be about her [Taylor],” the source continued. Sounds like Taylor didn’t exactly have a grand ‘ole time because the source also said she has some type of breakdown during a filmed event where she screamed and cried in front of the guests. Typical Southern Charm party. Not seeing where an outburst is at all unusual.

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Apparently, Shep isn’t bothered by Austen and Taylor’s interaction. It’s probably safer to assume Shep is grateful Austen provided some distraction after Taylor lost it at the Season 8 reunion. As for Taylor’s friend and Austen’s kind-of ex Olivia Flowers, she is navigating more serious matters at this time.

The source added, “[Olivia is] aware [of the situation], but she’s had bigger issues to deal with.” Unfortunately, Olivia and her family suffered a huge loss when Conner Flowers passed away last month. The current status of Taylor and Olivia’s friendship is unknown but the insider said the remaining female cast members are not touching the situation.

Taylor might have a bit of a reputation. But so does everyone else on the show. “The girls don’t f–k with her because they know she’s crazy and will do anything to climb the ladder.” If you are hooking up with both Shep and Austen, what the hell ladder are you climbing? What’s at the top of the ladder, Planned Parenthood?

But Taylor has been a busy girl. Allegedly. The source, who clearly is not a fan of Taylor, also said she may or may not have played kissy-face with Whitney Sulder-Smith. If we’re talking about climbing a ladder, why wouldn’t Taylor have climbed Whitney first? He’s an executive-producer. That said, it didn’t seem to help Naomie Olindo.

Season 9 of Southern Charm is in active production. Perhaps Kathryn Dennis’ absence might not be felt in lieu of Taylor’s new journey of discovery. We’ll have to wait and see if she actually finds anything.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]