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Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Schwartz Told Tom Sandoval He Thought Raquel Leviss Had A “Crush on Someone Else” Before Affair News Broke

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz wondered about the lack of chemistry between him and Rachel Raquel Leviss, following their kiss in Mexico during the run-up to Scheana Shay’s August 2022 wedding. But was the most awkward kiss ever just a ruse to divert attention away from Tom Sandoval and Raquel’s secret affair? US Weekly is spilling the tea.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know by now that Sandoval cheated on his live-in girlfriend Ariana Madix. Ariana only found out about the months-long affair when she went through her boyfriend’s phone and saw a sexually explicit video from James Kennedy’s ex.

In a preview clip released on April 21, Schwartz told Sandoval, “I don’t know why I’m not more attracted to her.” Hmmmmm, could it be that you already knew that your buddy Tom was sleeping with her and it felt kind of icky?

“There’s no, like, sexual chemistry,” Schwartz continued. “I have this gut feeling that she kind of has a crush on someone else.” Whoever could that be???

“Yeah?” was Sandoval’s somewhat evasive response. At that point in time (late August/early September), we all know #Scandoval was well underway. Why was Sandy playing all innocent with this best bud?

By his own admittance, Schwartzy learned about the dalliance between Sandoval and Raquel in August, so probably before the wedding, which took place on August 23, 2022.

“The one-night stand was in August,” Schwartz told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on April 5. “Then it became, from my point of view . . . an emotional affair.“

While “still inappropriate,” he didn’t believe their affair was ongoing. “[But then] in January, he came to me and told me that he was in love with Raquel,” the Minnesota native continued.

Even though Sandoval claimed he broke up with Ariana two weeks before the affair made headlines, nobody really believes that. The Something About Her co-owner seemed to be blindsided by the affair. She dumped Tom’s cheating ass immediately after discovering he was carrying on with Raquel.

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“We didn’t tell anybody [about the breakup], but she knew. She was trying to, like convince me not to be broken up, “Sandoval said on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast.

Sandy also asserted that his girlfriend had asked about him fertilizing the eggs she’d harvested and frozen. Even though Ariana has repeatedly said she doesn’t want children, she recently decided to keep her options open. As they were leaving for a gig with his band, Tom said Ariana brought up the eggs. “She was like, ‘So, what do you think about doing a sperm check to fertilize my eggs?’”

“And [I was] like, ‘What? We’re broken up,’” Sandoval added. “‘We’ll talk about this later, I gotta go do my show.’” But that was the night Tom dropped his phone, someone handed it to Ariana, and the Secret of Scandoval was exposed.

During the filming of this season, Sandoval made it clear there was trouble in paradise with the show’s longest-running couple. “It is tough sometimes to talk to you . . . because you never agree with me,” he told Ariana. The TomTom owner felt she was quick to “take the other person’s point of view” in disagreements.

“I don’t want anybody to ever have my back unconditionally, but it sometimes makes me feel like you question my intelligence. You think I am an idiot in some ways or that I am annoying,” he said.

Things are only gonna get worse, as the rest of the season unfolds. In the teaser for next week’s episode, the Missouri native further explained. “It’s been a little frustrating. We will be in the car, and I will be talking and she f—king comes at me,” he told Schwartz. “It hurts my feelings because the person I love thinks I am dumb or annoying. It definitely pulls into question whether Ariana and I are right for each other.”

Looks like the Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras lead singer is building a case for their eventual breakup. Sparks will fly — just not between Schwartz and Raquel.

For her part, Ariana wasn’t moping at home feeling sorry for herself. Since kicking Sandoval to the curb, she landed a role in a Lifetime movie, hung out with a hot guy at Coachella, and is rumored to be twirling in the ballroom on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but in this case, I’d say Ariana’s vengeance is steaming hot.


[Photo Credit: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo]