Melissa Gorga Explains Falling Out With Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri; LeeAnne Locken Says Brandi Redmond Provoked Her During RHOD Season Finale

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15192 -- Pictured: (l-r) Melissa Gorga, LeeAnne Locken -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

At this point, Wednesday is the best day to watch Bravo. There were new episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey and Real Housewives of Dallas last night. So of course, Andy Cohen had Melissa Gorga and LeeAnne Locken on Watch What Happens Live last night to dish on everything that went down.

As expected, Melissa discussed her latest familial feud with Teresa Giudice. No, this storyline is still not done. Her husband Joe Gorga even shared his two cents from the audience. Then there’s LeeAnne, who has been feuding with D’Andra Simmons and Brandi Redmond all season. For the most part, every question was very much expected, until the last topic of the episode. Get ready for this blast from the past. Melissa claimed that she and her husband do not have relationships with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. Why is that? Because of the show, of the show of course!

Andy asked, “Melissa, did you know Jennifer [Aydin] is really rich and has a big house?” Melissa joked, “She has sixteen bathrooms. I’m going to shove her in one of the bathrooms and shut the damn door soon.” My biggest takeaway from the last episode of RHONJ is that Jennifer has a big house with sixteen bathrooms, a fountain, and superior sunset. Of course, Andy asked about the house. It was the talk of Twitter.

Later in the episode, a viewer asked, “Do you think Jennifer was joking or was she just being rude?” Melissa answered, “I think it was a little mix both. I think she’s new to the group and she wanted to tell us how big and fabulous her house was. I also think it’s part of her humor.” She did inspire plenty of live tweets, but was it “funny” in a conventional sense? She offended Margaret Josephs’ sweet friend Polly (and the viewers) with her rude remarks.

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Later, Andy set up LeeAnne to throw shade at D’Andra when he played the clip with Momma Dee handing over her business….for real this time. LeeAnne took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. She said, “I hope that in all these years that she’s been showing up, in between going to the luncheons, that she has learned how to run this business. This is a business and without Momma Dee? Woo!” Damn. That was cold.

Jumping back to Melissa’s latest “feud” with Teresa, Andy asked the audience to pick a side. Before the poll results came through, Andy observed, “It’s like going back five years. I can’t believe we’re in this place again.” Melissa admitted, “It really is. I think when all else fails, blame it on Melissa. That’s how that goes.” Well, the audience didn’t blame Melissa. She got 72% of the votes.

Joe was not a guest on the show, but that didn’t stop Andy from questioning him about keeping in touch with his father Giacinto Gorga. Andy asked, “I mean, a phone call every day?”A visibly stunned Joe asked back, “Every day?” Andy emphasized, “Can you call him every day?”

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Joe explained, “Listen. Do you know what happened those two weeks? It’s when we started filming. I work and I run a business. We started filming every day. It was hard those two weeks. That really happened.” Andy responded with, “You’re saying this was an isolated two-week experience?” Joe insisted, “Yes.”

So you’re telling me, I’ve watched a month’s worth of this “major family problem” that only last two weeks? How many more episodes is this going to consume?

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Melissa chimed in, “He is, I have to say, and I’ll give this to Teresa too, I’ve never seen two kids spend more time with their parents. Even when my mother-in-law, God bless her, was here, I have never seen children like this. They both should have a like silver star on their bags. For real.” Silver? Did she mean to say “gold” instead?  Silver usually indicates a second place finish. Nevertheless, she made her point. Teresa and Joe love their dad.

A caller asked if Melissa and Joe realize that his father wants to spend more time with them and that this message was not (solely) from Teresa. Melissa (kind of) threw shade at Nonno. She said, “I definitely think that my father-in-law wants all of our time all of the time. He’s very old school. He doesn’t realize that there’s a lot of football, cheer, gymnastics, and a lot of things that go on. If it were up to him, we would be eating cheese and drinking wine with him twenty-four hours a day, so we do have to let him know that we are busy and we do things.” Could they just invite Papa Gorga to these football games and gymnastics meets? He could even bring some cheese to eat on the sidelines. I don’t know about the wine, though.

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Andy asked the audience to choose between LeeAnne and Brandi. LeeAnne pleaded her case. She claimed, “You know what she was doing. She starts with those squinty little eyes. Then she just kept taking a step into my personal space. She wanted me to touch her.”

Andy told her, “I’ve got bad news for you. Brandi is taking this one.” Yes, she did. She destroyed that poll with 78% of the votes. LeeAnne threw in one more alcoholism insinuation: “That’s because Brandi is buying them all drinks.” Yikes. That was not the move.

Then, she explained why she poked Brandi during the RHOD Season 3 finale episode. She said, “Totally that night, one hundred percent, she kept stepping into my personal space. Literally, I could feel her breath on my skin and that’s what she wanted. Not only that, but D’Andra taught me that when you poke someone in this cast, it’s no big deal.”

A fan asked, “Why the outrage at D’Andra when she inquired about the wedding date?” LeeAnne said, “I got outraged that she insisted that it would never happen. Big difference from my bestie.” Obviously, she said the word “bestie” in the most sarcastic tone possible.

Andy asked, “Why did you think it was OK to record the ladies while in the Baltic Sea when Cary [Deuber]’s family specifically said not to?” LeeAnne skirted around the question. She said, “They said no photos, so I was taking video since there were four huge video cameras. Did she also tell the Bravo crew to put theirs away? I wasn’t the only one recording it.” Yeah, but the footage on the show was blurred out. That’s the major difference there. Nevertheless, phonegate was a ridiculous storyline all around. Unfortunately, it’s bound to take up a significant chunk of the reunion episodes.

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And then Andy concluded with a viewer question. It was definitely the question of the night. He asked, “Do you and Joe have a relationship with Kathy and Rosie?”

Melissa answered, “Honestly, I feel like because we entered the show together and I stayed and she was no longer on the show. She just felt like everyone should have helped her stay on. Or I don’t know. There were a lot of hard feelings over that. I have no control. You know there’s no control over casting at all on this show for any of us. It caused a little tension.”

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Andy quipped, “I was told you had control over whether she stayed on.” LeeAnne jumped in with, “And that’s the bus he just threw you under.”

Andy told Melissa, “I’m sorry to hear that.” Melissa commented, “Good people, amazing children, but it’s just unfortunate that it happened.” I’ll just say this. I miss Rosie. Rosie should have been a Real Housewife #JusticeForRosie


[Featured Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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