Beau Clark Feels Like A Battered Partner On Tonight’s Vanderpump Rules!

Tonight most of the cast of Vanderpump Rules is in Mexico ostensibly to celebrate the opening of Tom Tom, but when you take the people away from James Kennedy they turn on each other. Uh-Oh. And Beau Clark gets another taste of the REAL Stassi Schroeder when she berates him for abandoning her to party. This leads to Beau crying that he feels battered by her drama.

Last week it was Katie Maloney‘s turn to abuse her partner, and because the ThreeHeaded SheBeasts never do anything alone, tonight it’s obviously Stassi’s turn!

Oh, Beau, we all feel bruised and battered by our exposure with Vanderpump Rules and we’ve been at this a lot longer than you have, sugga. Get out now! Take the Tito’s back stock with you. 

Ariana Madix gives out the actual (re: constructive) tough love to Lala Kent about the way she’s handling her grief, or as Raquel Leviss put it “using the dad card” to justify lashing out at people. Ariana also tells Lala she’s getting a reputation as a mean girl for the way she’s putting other women down. Let’s see if Lala is receptive to this advice from a friend who has lived through the sudden loss of a father (I’m betting all Rand’s money the answer is NO!).

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Things are going well for Kristen Doute who is traveling like a normal person, sans drunken outbursts… until Scheana Marie is feeling neglected by her re-found friendship with the Three-Headed SheBeast and decides to tell Kristen that Jax Taylor is talking crap about her and bringing up ancient accusations. Of course cue the instant return of Crazy Kristen in full force to confront Jax. Conversation? What’s that…

Back in LA Lisa Vanderpump is handling Tom Tom’s first full dinner service on her own, without the assistance of Tom 1 and Tom 2, who let’s be honest are probably more hindrance than help. They would probably flee in a sidecar motorcycle mid-way through. Hopefully, we won’t see much of Katie the episode because I had my fill last week!

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