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After an eventful trip to Careyes Mexico, the Real Housewives Of Dallas are back in Texas and bonded anew. Which means they’re all invited to a circus-themed lingerie party to celebrate LeeAnne Locken‘s upcoming wedding to Rich Emberlin. Let’s hope LeeAnne doesn’t cry about being abandoned at the carnival into any bustiers.

This is just the first of LeeAnne’s many pre-wedding celebrations, but with all the drama happening at this thing, we’ll have to see if the guest list remains the same! Kary Brittingham is not impressed by the trashy festivities and wonders what kind of wedding LeeAnne plans on having. Um, a free one… and all these parties are definitely a gift grab.

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Meanwhile, Stephanie Hollman takes the opportunity while they’re all drunk and in revealing costumes to bare her soul to Kameron Westcott about their issues from Mexico and her feelings that Kameron doesn’t value their friendship. Instead of having a civil discussion with a friend, Kameron takes a page from LeeAnne’s playbook, goes into victim mode, and storms off.

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Meanwhile, in a different mode, D’Andra Simmons finally starts to face facts concerning her business. After an emotional discussion with Jeremy Lock, who advises her to close up shop on Hard Night Good Morning, D’Andra finally has that long-awaited meeting with Travis Hollman. Travis may have the personality of the Incredible Hulk on a Mariah Carey kick, but he’s certainly business-savvy (I love Travis).

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Lastly, Kameron struggles to connect with her daughter at home and constantly feels like the third-wheel when it comes to the connection Hilton has with Court. I think that connection is called an IQ…

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