LeeAnne Locken’s Wedding Reception Causes Drama On Real Housewives Of Dallas Tonight!

Last week’s Real Housewives Of Dallas ended on a cliffhanger with LeeAnne Locken crying in her wedding gown over her mother. I mean what’s a LeeAnne Locken event without drama about how her mother abaaaaaaandoned her?!

At least it wasn’t Rich Emberlin who left LeeAnne stranded at the altar although wouldn’t that have been the most exciting drama to ever grace a Real Housewives episode anywhere?! More exciting even than incarceration and secret weddings

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Anyway, after LeeAnne and Rich say their long-awaited nuptials they throw the wedding reception to end all wedding receptions but forget one crucial thing: the food. Apparently, they couldn’t find a caterer willing to work for free! And on any other Housewives franchise (Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, for instance) this wouldn’t have been a problem, but on Dallas… these girls eat Texas-sized portions.

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While some couples are saying “I Do” other couples are saying “I don’t.” Brandi Redmond is struggling to decide if their family should also adopt Bruin’s sibling but Bryan doesn’t think they can handle more children. Finally, someone is sane in that family!

Meanwhile, Kary Brittingham and Eduardo end up having a date night gone Emily and Shane wrong when they wind up in a power struggle over money.

D’Andra Simmons and Jeremy Lock wind up locked in a heated cooking competition when they’re supposed to be preparing a romantic meal. Apparently living together and working together is taking its toll (probably because neither one of them has ever had a job before. Well, at least D’Andra probably hasn’t!).

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I don’t know if LeeAnne couldn’t manage to get a free honeymoon or what, but Stephanie Hollman decides to invite all the ladies on a vacation to Thailand where I guess they’re gonna track down Travis’s dad or something? And also find some spiritual zen and togetherness, that too!

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