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Dorit Kemsley Scores Victory In Legal Battle Over Beverly Beach By Dorit Swimwear Line

Great news everyone! The reigning Princess of Chanel and Court Proceedings has won a case. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a new season right around the corner and filming is currently in progress. Season 9 found Dorit Kemsley and husband, PK Kemsley battling several lawsuits in attempts to collect on a debt. Sadly, Dorit did not share her financial anchor with viewers but at least we learned how great she is at lying caring for animals!

Unfortunately for Dorit and her beloved, the man wanting his $1.2 million back wasn’t their only problem. Dorit had issues with a former partner in her world renowned bathing suit line, Beverly Beach by Dorit. Ryan Horne claimed a deal was made with Dorit and PK in 2017 to produce swimwear, along with owning a third of the business. I wonder whatever happened to that lovely woman in the Bahamas who calmly advised Dorit to “pay her friend” and also called Dorit a “cheap bitch”. Well, maybe now that unforgettable video star can rest easy because it looks like Ryan has bowed out.

Dorit has by no means been alone in her monetary despair. All the cool kids are going broke! Co-stars Kyle Richards and Erika Jayne both had husbands accused of fraud and living outside their means, respectively. Mauricio Umansky’s case is ongoing and Tom Girardi has recently dropped about $3 million on a $6 million debt. Baby steps, people! Last month, Dorit and PK were finally on the receiving end of some good legal news when Nicos Kirzis dismissed his suit against the couple, #neverforget.

Now, according to Yahoo!, the news is getting even better! New documents show Dorit and ex-business partner, Ryan, have dismissed all claims against each other. Hallelujah! Both sides have officially informed the court they would “drop their actions prior to heading to trial”. Do you guys think Ryan was paid off or do you think he received a threatening message in the form of rhinestone hair clips? Either way, what grand news for our favorite home renters!

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Unfortunately, Dorit and PK shouldn’t pop the expensive bubbly quite yet. There’s only one more debt (that we know about, until Camille Grammer shows up) they have to address. Uncle Sam would like a little sit down meeting with the couple. The Internal Revenue Service filed two federal tax liens over unpaid tax bills. One was a gift for both PK and Dorit, totaling $635,887.23. The second was in PK’s name only for around $289,423.67. Don’t bother getting your calculators out gang, because the total winds up being an impressive $925,310.90.

So even though it’s lovely PK and Dorit now have two dismissed lawsuits, the government won’t go away so easily. They tend to frown upon not being paid while those in debt pose for fantastic vacation photos and continue to flaunt their poker winnings wealth. Dorit and her hubby might be under the impression their lives are headed back to Beverly Hills, but Captain IRS might be waiting in the wings to give them a new 6 x 8 studio space with a limited view. We will just have to wait and see, but stranger things have happened

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