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Kyle Richards Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Is Watching New Season Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The latest season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been presented with a looming question hovering over the ladies. No, I’m not talking about possible court cases in attempts to collect a debt. And I’m not talking about whether little green men are following Denise Richards because her husband works with sophisticated, medicinal gamma rays.

The real riddle here is if former Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump, is watching the current season she isn’t. Recently, Kyle Richards was asked if she thinks Lisa has been viewing the show she left behind in a cloud of cash and pink dust. While many fans have wiped RHOBH from their DVRs after Lisa’s exodus, it might be interesting to note production isn’t doing ‘ol Bangs any favors. Kyle seems to be getting the villain edit and her role as “new queen” appears to be failing miserably. So is LVP taking sneak peaks of Kyle’s questionable wardrobe crumbling cast relationships? Probably not, but it’s still fun to watch.

Ah Queen Kyle, we hardly knew you. As viewers recall, Kyle was being groomed as the newest Rich Person of Envy after LVP’s hasty departure from the show. The last few episodes of Season 9 revolved around the cast bowing and scraping to the injustice Kyle faced after accusing Lisa of lying. Then the well-crafted exercise in futility known as #puppygate blew up, the backlash the ladies faced as a result of Lisa quitting was swift and furious.

Moving into Season 10 was kind of like walking on glass. Treading very lightly in some thin, $750 Chanel flip flops that don’t provide much protection from sharp objects or bad hair… Will there be drama? Will there be class and elegance? Will there be anyone living in the Beverly Hills zip code? Fortunately, we have gotten some theatrics, courtesy of everyone busting Kyle’s chops. Dorit Kemsley is coming in handy after all. But one question remains, is LVP tuning in to watch Kyle’s demise the new drama? Kyle seems to think so, because, of course, she does.


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When questioned by People Now on whether or not Lisa V. is Keeping Up With the Kourt Kases, Kyle says, “probably, my guess would be yes.” Now look, is it completely unreasonable to think Lisa hasn’t now and then glanced at the current episodes? Of course not. But do people really think Lisa crawls into her bed that hovers over raw diamonds every Wednesday night with a bottle of wine and a bowl of regret? I mean, probably not.

Then again, Lisa could very well be like the rest of us and get a laugh or two about Kyle’s meltdown over Dorit’s glam. Dorit has a fucking life, Kyle! Man, bad bangs can really do a number on someone… Lisa could possibly be enjoying Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s last season journey to having a baby. And honestly, who didn’t feel warm and fuzzy all over at the majesty of Kyle’s fashion show that she basically had nothing to do with?


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So yes, Lisa V. could be laughing watching with the rest of us, as the alliances friendships formed last year appear on shaky ground. Thank goodness we have Erika Jayne’s eyeball rolling as a good measure of the blatant insanity going on during filming. But does anyone actually think Lisa is invested in the show when she left in such a harsh manner? Could Kyle possibly believe Lisa has enough free time to watch her former friend’s wardrobe slowly transform into Alexis Carrington’s discards? And finally, will Kyle ever quit Lisa?


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