Redemption For Faith Stowers? Maria Menounos And Husband Are Producing Her New Reality Show And Bravo Is Interested

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ring-a-ding-dong, Karma is dropping off some early holiday gifts. And this one is a DOOZY. Bravo fans got a lesson in what not to do this year. The clock struck 15 minutes for both Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules fame. Chances are, Vanderpump Rules will be the only fame these two are familiar with due to their little police report stunt involving former SURver Faith Stowers.

Stassi and Kristen were canned amid accusations of racism. Faith took the baton and started running with it. She claimed Pump Rules lacked diversity (duh). She directly attacked Lisa Vanderpump, which was foolish interesting. It seemed Faith was on a one-woman mission to disparage the show that put her name on the reality television roster. In a shocking turn of events, while Stassi and Kristen work day and night to crawl back to your tv, Faith might be a couple of laps ahead.

Faith’s main claim to notoriety is bedding Jax Taylor but if we’re being honest, everyone including mannequins at Forever 21 are potential hookups for Jax. Faith tried to become relevant by maybe shagging Lisa’s son. She tried to become Lala Kent’s BFF, but nothing stuck. It wasn’t until the Black Lives Matter movement moved in on Pump Rules that Faith finally had her platform.

Right now, we have no idea if VPR is returning. While Lisa stated her establishments are open and running, the restrictions surrounding Coronavirus and California have wreaked havoc on filming a show based around a restaurant. Combined with the fact that the core cast has aged out and gotten pregnant in the name of publicity a pregnancy pact, things aren’t looking great for a lot of these guys.


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Being fired, Stassi and Kristen have been all but begging, I take that back, they’ve gone full begging, to get another chance. Faith has been out and about shopping her own idea of a show. She wanted to pitch an idea for a reality vehicle that features black-owned businesses. In her own words, “kinda like a black Lisa Vanderpump“. And guess what – she did it. Oof, what a kick in the pants for Miss #OOTD. Us Weekly just confirmed there is interest in Faith’s show. She is currently working with Maria Menounos and her husband, Keven Undergaro, on developing the idea for production.

The cherry on top is that Bravo is sniffing around. “Faith has had meetings with Bravo. She values the network and wants to keep that door open,” a source said. Faith has also managed to not piss off Andy Cohen and has “maintained a strong and professional relationship” with him, which doesn’t hurt. Nothing is official at this time, but it’s certainly enough to have Stassi drop to the floor and cry “WHY ME!?!” whilst rocking back and forth a la Nancy Kerrigan.


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The Daily Mail picked up on this interesting nugget of info as well. “It was reported earlier this month that Stowers, 31, was plotting her own reality series as ‘revenge’ following her tumultuous stint on Vanderpump Rules.” The article also mentions Maria’s previous history in the reality television genre. “Menounos and Undergaro have previously produced documentaries and TV shows. And, their AfterBuzz podcast networks specializes in after-show podcasts for both scripted and reality TV shows.”

Now look, this show might have a .00001% of getting greenlit and succeeding, but it is kind of interesting. Faith doesn’t have a huge fan following, but she’s out here talking the talk and walking the walk. Whether or not she becomes the “black Lisa Vanderpump” remains to be seen, but what Faith did do is stick it to some former stars with high opinions of themselves. And you can’t be mad at her for that.


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[Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic]