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Monique Samuels Denies That She Was Demoted From Real Housewives Of Potomac; Confirms Reunion Sealed Her Decision To Quit

Monique Samuels took her toys and left the Real Housewives of Potomac sandbox. Or did she? I think by now we are all pretty much aware of Bravo’s generous method of allowing fired Housewives to control their exit narrative. Normal policy and procedure is to offer the departing individual their own spin on how they chose to leave. Unless you are Vicki Gunvalson and remain in a state of confused begging until your last day on Earth.

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for Monique lending a helping hand to style Candiace Dillard’s wig, people would still not be talking about RHOP. No one cares about Robyn Dixon’s hats or DOCTOR Wendy Osefo’s degrees. And despite the grandeur of Karen Huger, it wasn’t her living situation that made viewers watch. Monique and Candiace gave the show a heartbeat, and it seemed like no cast changes would happen in the wake of Mo and Candy’s battle royale. Until news that Monique was not returning began making the rounds. Now Monique speaks on what helped her make the decision not to come back to the show she helped put on the map.

I’m still shocked at the amount of aggression people had about the Monique and Candiace fight. It seemed like everyone forgot about the LITERAL HAIR DRAGGING Porsha Williams gave Kenya Moore. I mean, Kenya did a full slide across a slick floor and now Porsha is holding the center peach. We might get a replay of that event if Candy doesn’t stop smack-talking Porsha, by the way. Anyprovoking, a rematch between Monique and Candiace won’t happen because Monique was DEFINITELY NOT DEMOTED OR FIRED. But she has left the show.

I live in Virginia and I’m telling you, on certain days you could go outside and hear “Monique is NOT leaving” if the wind was blowing just right. But that wind was wrong, honey. People were calling for Monique’s firing – some were calling for Candiace’s firing, and some are still wondering who Ashley Darby is in dis world. Then Candiace started doing the most and whining about not filming with Monique because, standards, but everyone’s eyes were rolling out of their head at that one.


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If you were hoping for more conflict between Monique and Candiace, you won’t get this wish. But don’t worry because Candiace will piss someone else off in exactly .00001 seconds. Monique was on the path to signing for another season, but apparently the reunion changed her mind. In an interview shared on Twitter, Monique explains how she came to the conclusion of concluding her time on RHOP. Monique said, “I definitely received an offer along with a phone call.”

She mentioned cast can be demoted while a season is in production, but that wasn’t the case here. She continued, “I was actually excited to be back and to know, okay, this time I’m gonna redeem myself, I’m gonna show my growth…” Until… THE REUNION. “But when I saw episode 3 of the reunion, I said you know what, you can’t do this anymore.” In Monique’s defense, that was a shitshow reunion. I’m still not over Andy Cohen saying Bravo doesn’t condone violence. A lot of people saw Monique getting the short end of the stick. Meanwhile, Candiace got her wish of Monique disappearing.


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Some might see Monique’s departure as a win for Candy, but those people should hang in there. Gizelle Bryant being Candiace’s actual friend is less likely than Ryan Seacrest announcing Candiace’s number one hit single. At the end of the day, it’s Bravo. Monique might be gone for now, but she won’t be forgotten. Hopefully RHOP can keep up the same pace of viewership without the violence and ALLEGED sexual harassment. Because Bravo doesn’t condone violence! Or alcohol, or drugs, or sexual harassment!


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