Vicki Gunvalson Denies Dumping Steve Lodge For 23 Year Old Boy Toy

We are living in a world without Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson on our televisions. Gone are the days of peeing on someone’s bed. Screaming about threesomes in snow-covered mountains are mere memories. And waxing poetic about the necessity of properly fueled love tanks is in the past. Pause for brief wave of nausea… Yes, Vicki is gone, but she certainly isn’t forgotten – because she won’t let us forget her.

Last time Vicki was featured on RHOC, she had been demoted to a “friend of” the cast. Though to be fair, Vicki really isn’t much of a friend to anyone. Rumors buzzed there was an #ultimatumbybravo implying Vickster had to get engaged to avoid being tossed to the cornfield a la Peggy Sulahain. In 2019 Steve Lodge, Vicki’s paramour, bit the bullet and asked for Vicki’s hand in marriage after 3 years of dating. Here we are, in 2021, and Vicki is still not Mrs. Chavez Lodge. People have speculated Steve packed his bags and escaped left Vicki, but she says it’s not true. Recently Vicki’s PR the streets were whispering Vicki got herself a younger man. Now Vicki does what she does best, denies it.

God bless Vicki, she is the Energizer Bunny of FOMO. Vicki does not want to be out of the spotlight, regardless of what gets her name in the news. In her defense, she owns it. It was painfully obvious how badly she wanted to stay on RHOC, but after the backlash she received from the Brooks Ayers fallout, the forgiving Bravo fans simply couldn’t let that one go. Vicki would not lick her wounds and quietly sulk away, she kicked and screamed the entire time.

Bravo announced an All-Star Housewives show, featuring several OG’s, but not featuring Vicki. To say she wasn’t pleased is an understatement. This must be a real kick in the pants considering her daughter, Briana Culberson will be on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Bravo Kids Show Extravaganza. I’m not exactly sure who’s checking for Vicki, but she’s still in the news. Now she’s denying trouble in paradise with her soul mate, and, get this – hooking up with a 23-year-old man.


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According to Page Six, Vicki denies any involvement with a fetus boy toy. A blurb appeared on Deuxmoi, but absolutely no tea is verified from those sources. One could technically write in any old thing and it could get published as a “rumor”. That said, it gave Vicki the opportunity to do something other than sit in the corner and silently remember the good old days of shrieking about family vans. The report claimed Vicki “is not engaged anymore” because she’s now “dating a 23 year old dude.” Uh-huh.

Vicki responded, “Not true!” Because I know we were all out here thinking Vicki had abandoned thoughts of a wedding and decided to travel the Sugar Mama route. Speaking of a wedding, her ceremony has been delayed due to Covid, not Steve running away. Allegedly. Vicki said, “We were going to go get married in April [2020] and try to get as many of our six kids together and all of that.” But the Rona had other plans. No word on whether or not Steve is actively bribing the virus to stick around.


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Hang in there, Vicki! Maybe Bravo could throw her a bone and do a Real Almost Housewife of Andale’s. Despite Vicki’s absence from RHOC, any Bravo spinoffs, or doing anything remotely newsworthy, we won’t soon forget about the OG from the OC. Because she will never let you.


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]