Vicki Gunvalson Allegedly Gets Her Orange Back After Negotiating A Deal With Bravo

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After receiving the Demotion Heard Around The World, Vicki Gunvalson might be back. The poor thing was humiliated and did not take her downgrade on Real Housewives of Orange County very well. We all know Vicki’s former popularity dropped after she chose a man who lied about cancer over everything else in her life. We also know Vicki has a clinical condition known as Cannotshutthefuckupitis. Apparently, treatments for this disease are still in the research phase.

But it’s more than that because fans have a long term relationship with Vicki’s lack of accountability. This is someone who attempts to provide wise words on everything from relationships to financial security, yet fails in every relationship and gives generously to scam artists. Vicki never wanted to lose her slot and even after buying her own ring coercing Steve Lodge into proposing, she was kicked off the main credits of RHOC. But beggars can’t be choosers and Vick definitely falls into the begging category. Begging for casseroles. Begging for apologies. Begging for her job back. Recently, Vicki pulled a stunt queen move when she tried to sue Bravo and co-star Kelly Dodd for defamation. In the blink of an eye, that lawsuit went away. Now we’re finding out those legal papers might have been replaced by a renewed full-time contract.

Vicki attended BravoCon to continue her campaign and made headlines when she threatened Bravo with not returning to the show unless her demotion is retracted. It was yet another of Vicki’s desperate attempts to recover from jilted lover back to Housewife. Even though Vicki was not officially in the cast line-up this season, she still played a heavy part. We had to endure her Queen Victoria birthday party, her endless denials, and we had to endure… her.

After Vicki shot herself in the foot by filing legal papers against Bravo and Kelly because Kelly told the truth mouthed off in Florida, we assumed the case magically disappeared because Bravo threatened to nix Vicki from the reunion. Reports are now coming out the reunion isn’t the only thing Vicki got back when she withdrew the case.

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Multiple media outlets are convinced Vicki will be holding an orange once again. Is it Mercury Retrograde? Radar Online reports Vicki an inside source shared, “Vicki is going to be coming back as a full-time housewife next season.” The source also claimed Bravo caved due to the ultimatum Vicki gave them at BravoCon. “She gave Bravo an ultimatum. She said she would only come back if she were full-time, and they agreed.”

But hang in there, sports fans because Kelly a separate source also advised that is not quite true. Another insider said, “no casting decisions have been made.”

As we know, historically Bravo won’t comment until the final second. When last checked, Vicki’s Twitter had no hints of news regarding her status.

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The original snitch said part of Vicki coming back meant she had to make the pending lawsuit disappear. They admitted, “The first source also told Radar that Vicki also agreed to drop her lawsuit against NBC/Universal, Bravo and Kelly Dodd if she were given back her orange.” While that has not been confirmed, days after Vicki filed court papers they vanished like the men in her life. “One of the reasons Vicki dropped the lawsuit was because she negotiated a deal that she would return to the show,” the mysterious person told Radar.

However, the second insider still says, “there have been no agreements or deals made.”

There is no doubt Vicki can bring the drama. The question is, do viewers care about her life? Has she peaked and fallen or is there enough charisma and fan loyalty to warrant her return? No official word has been given and Vicki hasn’t been spotted whooping it up holding an orange tree and Tamra Judge’s leash. Once again we have to wait it out and see if Vicki’s eternal quest for validation is soothed or if she remains #cancelledbybravo.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]