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Tiffany Moon Shares Her Biggest Regrets From Real Housewives Of Dallas; Shades Kary Brittingham For Pushing Her In A Pool And Making Her Feel She Was “Being Attacked”

Newbie Tiffany Moon had a bumpy season on Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany accused co-star Kary Brittingham of bullying her by trying to force her to drink tequila shots. At Kary’s ridiculous 50th birthday party, she pushed a fully dressed Tiffany in the pool. And Tiffany doesn’t know how to swim. What 50-year-old woman wants hot models to spray her with bottles of champagne? Apparently, Kary does.

RHOD co-star Kameron Westcott said that Tiffany talked down to her. Stephanie Hollman called Tiffany “obnoxious” for showing off her closet. If my closet had a fingerprint lock, I would show it off, too. That closet was magical.

Before the season started filming, Brandi Redmond checked herself into a wellness center after a video resurfaced on Twitter which showed her mocking Asian people. Tiffany shared that she had been the victim of racism, and her talk with Brandi opened the path to healing.

Tiffany did have some missteps during the season. She invited the ladies for a traditional Chinese brunch. She insisted that her fellow cast members eat a chicken foot. Kameron was repulsed and hid hers. I’m with Kameron on this one.

When Tiffany invited her RHOD co-stars to her home for a pizza party, it was an epic fail. The ladies were put off by all the rules for Tiffany’s house. They were also furious when Tiffany pranked them by having them eat a pizza that had crickets on it. Yikes!

Tiffany sometimes had trouble fitting in with her co-stars. During the girls’ trip to Austin, Tiffany felt overwhelmed by the group. All the ladies jumped in the lake together as a bonding experience. Of course, that was Kary’s idea. Tiffany, having reached her limit, left early in the morning without telling anyone but D’Andra Simmons.


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During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Tiffany reflected on Season 5. In a video posted to WWHL’s Twitter account, host Andy Cohen asked, “Tiffany, what is your biggest regret about this season?”

She replied, “The whole thing. No- I’m just kidding!” Tiffany continued, “I think that I didn’t open up to the ladies and…ummm…let down my walls a little sooner.” That is a tall order with these ladies, especially Kary.

“I felt a little bit judged, and that some of them maybe didn’t like me,” Tiffany shared. “So, I had my walls up for a really long time until I felt safe enough around them to let them down.”

Andy responded, “But that’s so natural. I mean anybody would do that, right?”


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“Yeah. Plus, when you’re getting pushed into pools and being picked on, it’s like you’re not going to let your walls down. Right?” Tiffany commented. “Like it’s hard to do that when you feel you’re being attacked.” Oh, the shade is real.

“Right. Right,” Andy remarked. “Ah…The lake thing was very interesting.” Tiffany said, “Yeah. Not my finest moment.” Andy wasn’t ready to let the lake debacle go. “Well, it wasn’t…maybe it wasn’t someone else’s finest moment,” he said. Shout out to Kary! “True,” Tiffany added with a laugh.


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