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Tiffany Moon Says Brandi Redmond Is “Not The Brightest” But She’s “Not Going To Crucify” Brandi For Video Mocking Asians

Much-needed light has shined on racism in our country and certain celebrities on reality television have not been immune to their own issues. Viewers have seen several instances where someone’s credibility has been called out, only to have their tone deaf actions excused in the name of ignorance. It tracks, because racism at it’s core is based on ignorance, but is “not knowing any better” a reasonable excuse?

Tiffany Moon walked straight into a shit storm on Real Housewives of Dallas. The show already had a go with discrimination, courtesy of LeeAnne Locken. Brandi Redmond lead the tone deaf police during the Season 4 reunion, but she apparently forgot about her own dance with bigotry in 2017. When a video of Brandi mocking the Asian community resurfaced, it was time for Brandi to face the music, but did she? She was about to find out with the introduction of RHOD’s first Asian cast member. Now Tiffany reveals what it’s like experiencing anti-Asian rhetoric, and bearing the brunt of Brandi’s guilt.

After Brandi’s performance on the last reunion and basically anointing herself the Pied Piper of Racist Comments, she definitely didn’t want to sit in the naughty chair. Brandi was not shy in revealing how devastated she was at the fallout of her video, including checking herself into a wellness center. But was Brandi really sorry about the hurtful content or is she sorry because people got so pissed off? An in-depth article courtesy of Vulture outlined Tiffany’s journey into her first season and coming in on the heels of Brandi’s blatant stupidity.

Brandi’s video in question was filmed in front of her daughters in an effort to joke about her “squinty eyes”. “Everybody ask me what Asian I am because my eyes, they squinty,” Brandi “jokingly” said at the time. She also defended her actions and said she was “doing an impression”. Upon Brandi and Tiffany’s first filmed meeting, Brandi apologized to Tiffany for the nature of the clip. “She’s [Brandi’s] not the brightest and thought it would be funny,” Tiffany explained. “I wasn’t going to crucify her for it,” she added.


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As Tiffany attempted to explain experiencing discrimination, Brandi appeared to understand. But… did she? Tiffany was prepared to move on after the initial convo, but Brandi couldn’t seem to quit her own actions. Unfortunately, Tiffany came to feel managing “her white cast member’s feeling about her face dominated her role this season”. Case in point, Brandi even went so far as to tell Tiffany she doesn’t feel like she can “be herself” when Tiff is around.

On a cast trip Brandi said, “I’ve been a little hesitant around Tiffany in general.” Because she was disgusted with her own actions or afraid she would make another horrible comment? Brandi added, “Is it okay to be that silly, fun Brandi, or is it not okay? Is it going to get me into trouble? What is acceptable for me, and what’s not?” I’m happy to make this easy for anyone. Be fun. Be silly. If you cannot tell the difference between having fun and holding a prejudice, you might be the problem.


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On the Austin trip, Brandi’s date was a sex doll, complete with a large blow up penis. Because air-filled plastic often makes appearances on Bravo. Tiffany remembers thinking, “What part of you is not being yourself right now?” Yet Brandi never seemed to ease up in Tiffany’s company. “When she [Brandi] sees my Asian face — which I have no control over — all it does is remind her of her shame and guilt. And I bear the brunt of that.” Brandi’s displeasure was palpable, but it seemed more directed at Tiffany because she was a constant reminder of Brandi’s hypocrisy.

We don’t know if Tiffany will come back to RHOD. We don’t know if Brandi will release the, “I’m spending some much-needed time with my family” excuse and take time off. But we do know a lot of discrimination across the board seems to be excused in the name of “not knowing any better”. First season newbies are usually lead by veteran cast in how to roll with the punches. In Tiffany’s case, she was the one with the teachable moments.


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