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Jill Zarin Admits Complaining To Andy Cohen About Daughter Ally Shapiro Not Being Invited To Watch What Happens Live Kids Special

The Real Housewives of New York has undergone plenty of changes throughout its 13 seasons. It all began with Jill Zarin and her “fabulous circle of people” playing tennis and going to charity events. To be fair, the current ladies still do that, but also aren’t afraid to jump in pools naked or throw ravioli at one another. Long gone are the days of the Jill vs. Bethenny Frankel feud. Or Alex McCord and Simon van Kemp’s co-dependent relationship. And while a lot has changed, Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps have managed to make it through.

RHONY fans have watched kids like Avery Singer grow up. We’ve mourned deaths, including that of Jill’s longtime husband Bobby Zarin. And while Jill the OG may have not held an apple since Season 4, she’s still an important part of RHONY history. So it’s no wonder she was invited to appear as part of Watch What Happens Live’s episode featuring housewives from seasons past. She earned her place.

Bravo has really been gracing us with the cross-overs fans deserve after a year of Zoom reunions and COVID-19 filming complications. We’re all anticipating the premiere of Winter House or the Real Housewives All-Stars special. And this week, WWHL with Andy Cohen has been providing viewers with some very special episodes, including the blasts from the past. The Real HouseHusbands of New Jersey and their hilarious taglines made an appearance. And on Sunday, 13 kids from various housewives’ cities will appear on the show.

The lineup includes children of current wives, including Frankie Catania, Gia Giudice, Noelle Robinson, Avery, Riley Burruss and an appearance from Portia Umansky (iconic). And some kids from the past, including Brielle Biermann, Albie Manzo, Chris Manzo, Shane Keough, Kairo Whitfield and the OG Real HouseKid Briana Culberson, who’s now a full-on mom of her own.


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Of course, when the special was announced, Andy received some complaints, particularly from two ladies, who were upset their kids weren’t included. Then some of the wives pulled a Kenya Moore, including Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards, saying it wasn’t them who called and complained to daddy. Fans were taking their guesses, until the most recent episode of WWHL when Jill fessed up.

The ladies were doing a segment involving asking Andy questions when Jill tattled on herself. “Fans have been non-stop texting me and you know I would never ask you, but Allyson wanted to know why she wasn’t included in Sunday night’s special of kids?” Jill said. But then immediately fessed up. “It was me. Everybody’s asking, was it you? It was me,” Jill said. This is giving me scary island Jill vibes, where she showed up with the “Hiiii” hear around the world and put the spotlight right on her. It’s too bad it sounds like she won’t be doing the same for the all-stars spinoff, despite the rumors. I’d literally pay to see Ramona’s face watch her walk in.


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Andy agreed, saying it was Jill who asked, adding that he totally understands why Jill would reach out to him. “Of course you asked why wouldn’t you ask? You two have a great business together. You’ve sent me these amazing masks,” Andy said. Nothing says “I’m sorry” to a housewife like Andy Cohen plugging their brand on air. “But the answer is, we had 13 kids. We just didn’t have room. We didn’t have Luann’s kids, there were a lot of people who were left out.” Jill totally understood, adding that she didn’t even know Luann’s kids were excluded. Maybe it’s because when Andy initially announced the special, Victoria de Lesseps was on the list. Don’t worry Jill, I was confused too.

So the mystery is halfway solved, so it’ll be a waiting game to see if the other housewife fesses up to making a complaint. My bets are totally on Shannon Beador and her rockstar tribe of daughters, but who knows. As Jill suggested, if it’s successful, Bravo should do a part two with more kids. That is if the offspring of housewives, who never signed up to be on reality TV, want to make an appearance.


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