Teddi Mellencamp Will Appear On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills This Season With Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has some redemption to do. In recent seasons, the show has been filled with gang-ups, cover-ups and secrets that the ladies will fight tooth and nail (read: sue everyone in the book) to keep off-camera. But this year, there’s hope. Garcelle Beauvais is back for a second season with her buddy Sutton Stracke getting a diamond of her own. Crystal Kung Minkoff is a newbie introduced by none other than friend-of Kathy Hilton, who has already proven to be the wacky side character this show needed. And Erika Jayne’s ongoing legal issues are sure to bring the drama.

The season premiere already was off on a better foot than Season 10. The always polarizing, and frankly boring, Teddi Mellencamp stepped out of her father’s shadow and off RHOBH for good after getting fired. Apparently, fans weren’t “all in” with seeing her ultra-close relationship with Kyle Richards and her “accountability” business. Teddi definitely was an accomplice in the gang-up mentality the ladies had against Lisa Vanderpump and Denise Richards in the past few years. And it’s not fun to watch a group of shady rich ladies put the spotlight on someone else to avoid dealing with their own drama on camera.

So there’s a lot riding on Season 11 to be the best yet, especially after RHOBH was the most-watched Real Housewives series in 2020. And while Brandi Glanville won’t be making an appearance, Teddi revealed on a recent episode of her Teddi Tea Pod podcast that Kyle got her back on the show, E! Online reports. A fan sent a question in asking if Teddi would make an appearance, and Teddi tried to keep her lips shut. But Kyle threw her under the bug, “Yes, well obviously,” Kyle said. “I mean, I had to drag you, but you did.”


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Teddi did her best attempt at being interesting by saying fans will “have to see” how she will be incorporated into the show. My bets are on a shopping trip with Kyle that will ultimately be a forgettable scene. Who even knows if production had enough interesting footage to make a scene worthwhile. Kyle added that it “took some convincing” to get Teddi back. Of course, Kyle was the one pushing her BFF back on the show — she misses having a sidekick.


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But given the way many RHOBH fans were not big fans of Teddi, I’m wondering who an appearance from her is even serving. She probably agreed to come on to promote her upcoming “All In” reality show because it’s clear many Bravo fans weren’t planning on it. Just stop trying to make Teddi happen — it’s clear she’s just not exactly fit for reality TV stardom. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]