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Kelly Dodd Calls Out “Mean” Real Housewives Super Fan Chrissy Teigen; Says “Karma’s A Bitch”

Real Housewives of Orange County had a season so bad (HOW BAD WAS IT?), poor Andy Cohen had to admit the show will be “retooling” before it returns to production. That basically means the big guys at Bravo will discuss what cast members will make the cut and who they need to hire to fill Elizabeth Lyn Vargas spot vacancies. RHOC’s most recent filming took place during the dawn of Covid and let’s just say Kelly Dodd and medical science are not on good terms.

Kelly is gonna Kelly and was the pied piper of spreading inaccurate information regarding the Rona. Everybody had something to say about Kelly’s antics, including celebrities. Chrissy Teigen has long been a Housewives stan and it’s no secret. In fact, Chrissy was one of the many who called Kelly out on her “woefully misinformed” words. Recently, Chrissy had to face the music regarding some horrible texts she previously sent to a 16-year-old. Now Kelly wants Chrissy to know Karma is holding on line one, and she’s calling collect.

Kelly is loved by some and hated by others, which creates the formula for good television. She has interesting takes on life that not everyone agrees with, and methinks that might be her angle. That said, her controversial opinions do get people talking and that’s what Daddy wants. Kelly is used to people criticizing her, and trust, she’s okay with it. Chrissy was also vocal about her disdain towards Kelly. She labeled Kelly as “mean” and said RHOC was “hard to watchthanks to Kelly and those interesting views.

Now let’s talk about Courtney Stodden. In 2011, Courtney made headlines when they (Court identifies as non-binary) married a 50-year-old predator. Courtney was a teenager at the time and the media began systematically brutalizing them for being in a harmful situation. Twitter veteran Chrissy, was one of the people who fired shots at this trapped person who wasn’t even 17-years-old. Recently, Courtney revealed the HORRIBLE things Chrissy had messaged to them. Gems like, “I can’t wait for you to die.” and “Go. To sleep. Forever.”


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Now that the dirt was out about Chrissy, Kelly saw blood in the water. As the Jaws music began reaching a mighty crescendo, Kelly attacked. Page Six reports Kel jumped on Chrissy’s sinking ship and made some more holes. “What’s ironic is that she [Chrissy] has the audacity to say, I’m mean and our show is hard to watch because it’s so mean. Karma is a bitch,” Kelly said. Raise your hand if you didn’t have agreeing with Kelly on your Bingo card today.

Naturally Kelly received backlash with people doing the whole pot/kettle situation. Then Kelly held her cards and doubled down. “I’m not a hypocrite,” she countered. This is less about Kelly being a hypocrite and more about Chrissy being a hypocrite. The difference between Chrissy and Kelly is Kelly does not claim to be a politically correct “woke” person. Chrissy tends to pride her social media presence on being pro-equality and just a funny, sarcastic girl getting through these trying times…


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As a result of the abusive texts being exposed, Chrissy is, well, sunk for the time being. She has since apologized to Courtney, but it appears to be no more than a PR effort. Here’s the thing, Kelly has questionable behavior, but she doesn’t try to hide it. In the past, Chrissy has been a heavy supporter of cancel culture, which nipped at Kelly’s heels last season. Now Kelly is having a vodka Red Bull and watching cancel culture take one of their own.


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