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Candiace Dillard Defends Erika Jayne Amid Legal Troubles; Tells Fans “Y’all Aren’t Loyal”

What is this? A certain Housewife making controversial statements right before their new season is about to begin? WELL I NEVER. If you have missed the melodic, harmonious tones of Candiace Dillard’s voice, hang tight because Real Housewives of Potomac is about to return. Fans will see the ladies recovering from losing a cast member after a brawl took place in a barn filled with wine and Candy submitted a verbal request to be dragged across the floor.

Candiace doesn’t mince words and she has thoughts on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne’s current legal battles. Despite evidence, a general lack of morality, and new information uncovered weekly, Candiace feels Erika has been unjustly maligned. Never one to read the room, Candiace recently took to Twitter to support Erika and blast those who side with the widows and orphans. Now viewers hope Candiace can see the error of her ways as clearly as she has seen the label on Mommy’s handbag.

The long wait for RHOP is almost over. Season 6 will offer closure to Monique Samuels’ departure and set the pace for new episodes not involving Candiace being filmed with her biggest source of support, a perfectly folded square tissue. Let’s be transparent, Candiace likes to ruffle feathers because it’s her thing. Thankfully Candy doesn’t limit her hot takes to the Potomac cast, just ask Porsha Williams.

On Saturday, Chris Bassett must have escaped been playing cards with the boys because Candiace found herself on Twitter. She shared a clip of the last RHOBH episode where Erika makes her dramatic entrance and shuts the front door while the crucifix behind her begins to smoke. Candiace wrote, “Lol. Y’all don’t appreciate Erika.”

One of Candiace’s followers agreed and replied, “They actually have no idea if Erika took part in stealing from orphans but they already didn’t like her so here we are.” Viewers are generally smart people who don’t enjoy being insulted and Erika’s lack of humility during this time has been a choice. Happy to have one person agree with her, Candiace responded, “Now this here. See my latest tweet.” Clearly Candiace is still angry from last season when her hair looked like the sad part of a movie.


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Most of comments aimed at Candiace’s post were negative, because people have opinions about human beings suffering. But Candiace was not deterred and, as Candiace does, doubled down. “Y’all aren’t loyal. You don’t know what that lady knew. Just sending her to jail based on one thrown together documentary that was clearly meant to low key villainize her. Reserve your judgment until the facts reveal themselves. Judge not lest ye be judged.” Bless her damn heart. This makes sense coming from the woman who didn’t want to be judged for past homophobic activity. Or judged for wishing a blogger with medical issues would die.

Don’t worry, Candiace’s other fan weighed in. “I just watched just to see what the buzz was about and I want my 63 minutes back.” That’s because nothing new was learned in the doc but we did get to see some victims and that in itself caused some former EJ stans to question their support. Candiace commented back, “All 63”. If Candiace wants to die on this hill, no problem. It’s not as if she is alone in supporting Erika. I mean there’s Robyn Dixon, who is usually on top of everything, and we cannot dismiss the all-important Fox Force Five.


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By the end of the day, surely more back-up for Erika will be coming in. Thanks to this effort by Candiace, perhaps a retired star from a cancelled CW show no one ever heard of will also Tweet support to EJ in the name of trying to be relevant not being judgmental. At this time the butter knife has not returned our request for a statement.


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