Denise Richards Denies Allegations Of Fraud In $103k Legal Fight With Former Landlords

Cries of fraud are certainly not reserved for Erika Jayne. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is bringing the drama and the ratings to the new season thanks to dumping poor old Tom Girardi when he burned through all of his money. Erika probably feels like people are criticizing her every move, and she would be exactly right, but EJ isn’t the only one trying to stay out of court.

Denise Richards left RHOBH after the cast who never gangs up on people ganged up on her and turned her personal life into stunt gossip with some help from Brandi Glanville. After quitting the show, Denise endured multiple cleansing rituals to rid her body of toxins absorbed through Lisa Rinna’s personality and life has been relatively peaceful – until now. It’s time for Denise to fire up the sage and wave it towards her former landlords because they are suing her for fraud and over $100k.

Good thing Denise is no longer on RHOBH because Erika could have lobbed puppies at widows and orphans but the ladies would have made a big deal out of THIS. Looks like Big Pharma isn’t the only one following Denise and husband Aaron Phypers. Before Denise and Aaron walked down the aisle to the romantic sounds of Metallica, they shared a home together in Calabasas. Now the home owners claim the couple trashed their crib and they want $103k for their troubles.

According to Radar Online, Anthony Ellrod and Christopher Masterson say Denise and Aaron left the leased property “in need of dramatic repairs”. The landlords state several terms of an in-home animal agreement were violated. The lease contained a clause that shows Denise agreed to “properly use, operate, and safeguard the property, keeping it clean and sanitary, would pay for all damage to the property caused by tenants or pets” and was permitted two pot-bellied pigs and three dogs onto the property.


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At this time, we don’t know if addendums were added to include in-home microwave-based weapons or sinister frequencies that may or may not stalk Aaron. Anthony and Christopher accused Denise of cohabitating with “over a half dozen dogs and cats” and the lawsuit reads, “during their seven-month tenancy the defendants trashed the house and destroyed the landscaping, resulting in over $100,000 in damage.” Denise and Aaron say the house was a mess when they originally leased it for a family member and deny all allegations of wrongdoing.

Denise maintains she kept the space in good condition with no damages and the landlords are full of it. She’s countersuing Anthony and Christopher and claim they leaked her private info in exhibits attached to their legal case. She’s seeking unspecified damages for pain and suffering. Because the landlords never produced evidence of fraud, Denise and Aaron want the fraud claims thrown out. Perhaps they should ask Brandi where all of the evidence is because she’s still looking for it too.


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Legal docs show the property value has diminished by $400k. Denise claims the submitted repair invoice by the landlords showed work being charged twice. Denise and Aaron also say they weren’t allowed to do their own inspection or be present at the landlord’s inspection of the property, which is obviously sketchy and a possible grab at Denise’s Hallmark money. A trial has been set for December 6. No word on whether or not Rinna has left Denise a voicemail advising her to “own it”.


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