Real Housewives Fans Slam Lisa Rinna For Showing Empathy To Erika Jayne But Not Denise Richards, Her Former Friend Of 20 Years

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was… something. Viewers watched in anticipation of seeing Erika Jayne’s house of cards fall around her and how the cast would respond to the surprising news of her divorce from Tom Girardi. But first, food! You can definitely tell who’s hanging around Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave too much when a plate of plain lettuce looks DELICIOUS.

Lisa Rinna has been staying suspiciously quiet throughout Erika’s scandal. This is surprising because Rinna loves a mess and has no problem ruining friendships for the sake of a storyline. If Denise Richards relayed a harrowing tale of humiliation and despair whilst trading a Lambo for a Range Rover, Rinna would have said, “Oof. You’re so angry. Own your downgrade honey.” It appears Rinna’s lips weren’t made for talking after all, they were made for kissing Erika’s ass, and now fans want answers.

Erika received a standing ovation for walking through the front door to celebrate her brave journey to Sutton Stracke’s party. I know we all broke out prayer candles for EJ and wiped tears as she detailed the 2,000+ square foot “dollhouse” she’s forced to putter around in. Bless her destitute new home with only two stolen chairs and a pack of Bounty paper towels.

Kyle Richards is amusing this season, but probably pissed Kathy Hilton had more fans in 5 minutes than the entire time she’s held a SAG card. Sutton got lucky a major scene was going down at her French soirée and distracted from the continuing discussion about walking into a room without waiting for clearance. Crystal Minkoff will be playing the part of Paleontologist, as she obviously likes to keep digging up the past. But Rinna’s uncharacteristic treatment (translation: not rude) of Erika got on a lot of people’s nerves and off to Twitter they went.


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A fan wrote, “Ok Rinna, you couldn’t stop telling Denise ‘own it, own it’ and complete silence to Erika?!?! I call BS and chicken shit!” The Yorkie on Rinna’s head must be too tight because she completely forgot to ask EJ when Tom became so distant. But, but, I thought she and Tom dined together EVERY NIGHTAnother commenter added, “But Rinna, Denise was going through a custody battle last year against a megastar with high power lawyers and you had no empathy or sympathy. But you have all this grace for Erika?”

Excuse you, this is an environment where no one gets ganged up on and how dare anyone insinuate otherwiseLisa Vanderpump and Denise both quitting after not being able to navigate personal issues without being treated like pariahs is a figment of all of our imaginations. Someone else wanted to know if Rinna was going to ask Erika to be “open and honest”. One person shared, “Rinna saying we need to create a space where Erika feels comfortable to speak with us. Where was that same grace for LVP? Denise? Even Kim [Richards]?”


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More people want #justicefordenise, “So Rinna’s just going to casually avoid grilling Erika for a major issue but will continue to bring up Denise for doing nothing important, isn’t she?” For context, this is the same woman who wanted detailed information on Denise’s alleged lesbian love triangle but the most she wants to know from Erika is how her fucking dog is doing? A viewer wrote, “This interaction between Rinna and Erika feels so forced and full of shit.” Someone needs to go back to acting school because this ain’t Knots Landing and Rinna is no Joan Van Ark.

Next week we should get more from the Master Class of Complete Hypocrisy and learn fascinating methods of praising people who are lying to your face. Maybe Crystal’s husband has access to a spare IMAX camera he can loan to Erika. She needs a big damn screen for all of her projecting.


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