Lala Kent “Cut Out” Tom Schwartz For Hanging Out With Her Ex Randall Emmett

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent opted not to take the high rode after her split from ex-fiancé Randall Emmett. After Lala discovered that Randall was cheating, she decided to go with the scorched earth option. She alleged that her former man was a narcissist and announced that she was “burning the bridge.” Lala shared that their entire relationship was “based on nothing but lies.”

But Lala and Randall do share a daughter, Ocean Emmett. Still, the VPR cast member is embracing a way to co-parent without seeing her ex. “We parallel parent and I’m trying to move to zero contact,” Lala said. They communicate solely through an app. Lala also claimed that when Randall was physically there, he “was not present in any moment, whether it was with me or his children.” Wow. That is really sad.

Lala has demanded that her Pump Rules friends choose a side after her breakup. But not all her co-stars were Team Lala. During a recent episode of the Watch What Happens Live After Show, a viewer asked Lala about her friend group.

“I was wondering which Vanderpump cast member has been the most and the least supportive since you’re breaking up with Randall?” the fan asked.


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“I would say the most supportive, Katie [Maloney] and Scheana [Shay], umm… and the least supportive, umm, [Tom] Sandoval has yet to even ask me like if I’m okay, or acknowledge it at all,” Lala explained. “And… umm… I learned that [Tom] Schwartz hung out with that person the other day, so I cut him out.”

Brittany Cartwright claimed that she didn’t know if her husband, Jax Taylor, was still in contact with Randall. Oh, girl. Come on now. Randall and Jax were always close, and Randall wanted to plan Jax’s bachelor party back in the day when he was allergic to Pump Rules cameras.

Randall confirmed that he is still buddies with Jax. “Jax and I have been friends forever,” Randall stated. Jax has zero going on since he and Brittany were axed from VPR, so there is no way that he is going to stop sucking up to Randall.


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And Randall also admitted that he is keeping in touch with Schwartz. Randall said, “I know that he’s now going through a really tough time.” Schwartz is trying to navigate his divorce from Katie, and apparently his wedding ring is his compass.

Even though Lala has dragged him from one side of the earth to the other, Randall refused to fling any mud. “She’s the mother of my child, so no matter what happens in life, I will never disparage or talk ill about her because she’s Ocean’s mom,” he said.

That may make Randall look good for a moment, until you remember all of his gross behavior.


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