Bethenny Frankel

Real Housewives Of New York Alum Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Thoughts On Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance; Says It Was “Good, Not Great”

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is back to share another opinion! Don’t worry Meghan Markle, you’re spared this time around. The beacon of positivity that is Bethenny has now set her sites on Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s Super Bowl performance.

This must be a hard week for Rihanna. The second-best selling female music artist of all time may be feeling sad due to critiques regarding her football musical number. I hope the shine of being the force behind Fenty Beauty isn’t dimmed after what Bethenny has to say.

According to Page Six, Beth’s scientific analysis of Rihanna’s half-time entertainment revealed she thought it was, “good not great.” Hey, on the bright side, that’s probably better than what the executives at CNBC said about Money Court.

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Bethenny took to Instagram and proceeded to wax poetic about a Pink concert she attended in the same month she saw Rihanna live. She felt RiRi was a “much less inspired” performer than Pink. Well, not everyone wants to attach themselves to various pulley systems and fly around a stadium, but you do you.

The music aficionado added, “It wasn’t even comparable. Pink was just so incredibly passionate.” Damn, we get it. Also, Rihanna is with-child and currently mothering a kid who isn’t even a year old yet. Was she supposed to haul her pregnant butt up to the sky and Peter Pan around the Chiefs fans or what?

Thankfully Rihanna can take a deep breath. Despite feeling the production was “good, not great,” Bethenny still thinks she is a “winner.” Businesswoman Beth said RiRi still takes the gold whether the “performance was amazing or not” because Fenty Beauty “won the Super Bowl in the beauty category.” Boy, Rihanna really dodged a bullet, amirite?

Rihanna was touching up with her makeup, and her whole entire makeup brand flew and paid for all these influencers to go to the Super Bowl,” said the woman that used to drive around in a SkinnyGirl car and literally made RHONY her SkinnyGirl ad for years. “They’re going to do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales,” Bethenny shared.

Bethenny added one last nail to her review. “Many [viewers] could have done without” Rihanna’s “token touch (and sniff) of her vagina.” Fair point. Many viewers could have done without Bethenny slut shaming a co-star on national television. Many viewers could have done without knowing every moment of Bethenny’s bleeding journey in 2016.

Anyone expecting a highly physical performance from a pregnant person might have been disappointed. After some of the things done on Real Housewives, Rihanna patting the puss was not a big deal (to me). Hopefully Rihanna can get up, dust off the sorrow from not being Bethenny’s favorite, and somehow try to struggle through the day being worth $1.7 billon.


[Photo Credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images ]