Real Housewives Of New York Alum Bethenny Frankel Says Luann de Lesseps Is “Obsessive” After Near Run-In At Broadway Show

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has something to say about Luann de Lesseps. Did… did I wake up in 2016? No, it’s 2023 and it appears these ladies still have a bone to pick with each other.

After RHONY ended, Luann took to living out her cabaret dreams. She also filmed a television project with Sonja Morgan, which will hopefully air this summer. Bethenny has been dealing with a graveyard of canceled shows and launching a podcast devoted to Real Housewives. Apparently, another way Luann and Bethenny fill their time is by attending Broadway shows. What Luann and Bethenny don’t do is attend these shows together.

Last month both were on the guest list to attend a showing of Bad Cinderella. But Luann had some kind of episode and basically stormed out of the venue after spotting Beth in a seat close by. According to Bethenny, Luann is obsessed with her and that’s why she ran out. Page Six has the details.

The Countess made a vague statement after her quick departure and said it was because she had a case of the vapors and felt ill. On an episode of her ReWives podcast, Bethenny thinks Luann’s malaise is Bethennyitis. She said, “[I’ll] respond by saying this: It must be painful and challenging and really obsessive to be so fixated on someone else.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Meghan Markle has entered the chat and has the same question for Bethenny. The entire Kardashian family is also holding on line 2. But, go off Beth.

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She added she feels “badly” for Luann who allegedly “spends a lot of time talking about [her] in her cabaret and in the media and on podcasts.” You… you mean like the creation of the ReWives podcast to discuss a show she’s no longer on? Well, I would say that’s just another commonality they can bond over.

Bethenny continued, “It’s time to sort of focus on yourself versus being so consumed with somebody else.” One might also theorize Bethenny could use this particular gem of advice in her own life. Because, you know, she’s consumed with the Real Housewives franchise.

In conclusion, Bethenny, who really thought she ate here said, “I wish her the very, very best, and I wish her a speedy recovery if she didn’t feel well during ‘Bad Cinderella’ halfway through.” How kind of her, as Bethenny surely knows how suddenly one can become unwell. RHONY viewers can recall several times when Bethenny bled across Manhattan or succumbed to a rogue shellfish.

Bethenny also shared the only reason she is addressing the situation is that her fans won’t leave her alone about it. So, whoever the both of you are, stop bothering Bethenny. She maintains Luann is “not really on [her] radar,” nor does she “spend a lot of time thinking about” Lu. Sure, Jan.

I’m sure these two adult women who are not even on a program together anymore will somehow make it back to the friendship zone. If not, Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to make sure he keeps them separated.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]