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Lala Kent Calls Out Tom Sandoval’s Apology That Doesn’t Even Mention Ariana Madix Amidst Vanderpump Rules Cheating Scandal

So all of us Vanderpump Rules super fans are just coming off from a chill weekend, huh? NOT. The word is Scandoval and it’s preoccupied the entirety of my brain since the news broke. Tom Sandoval proved that no Tom should ever be trusted when it was revealed he cheated on Ariana Madix. Tom cheating on Ariana would be news in and of itself, especially considering Ariana is one of the most likable stars on Pump Rules. No, Tom had to be extra diabolical by cheating on his girlfriend with their mutual friend Raquel Leviss. You dirty dog.

Sandoval and Raquel’s affair has literally shocked the VPR nation. Both Toms always want to act like they’re just nice guys who can do no wrong, but their actions continue to prove otherwise. Raquel and Sandoval allegedly plan on getting together for real after this supposed months-long hook-up that they kept hidden. Clearly, Tom has commitment issues to the next level. Sandoval can’t break up with a girl like a decent human being. He only knows how to move on from relationships by jumping directly into new ones. Remember the Kristen Doute to Ariana transition? Methinks this is a pattern or, better yet, a glaring red flag.

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After the news of #Scandoval broke, the internet was in a frenzy. Sandoval obviously had to make some statement about the whole ordeal. In true Sandoval fashion, he released the most self-centered notes app apology of all time. The audacity of this man. He and Raquel might be a perfect match, considering they’re both natural-born villains.

To sum up the apology, Sandoval repeatedly publically apologizes to Tom Schwartz for impacting their businesses and doesn’t mention Ariana by name once. Let us remember this couple was together for nearly a decade, yet he can’t have the decency to publically acknowledge her. One person, who clearly found a new hobby per Sandoval’s suggestion, has a lot to say about Sandoval’s dirty deeds: Miss Lala Kent. We know how Lauren from Utah gets when she’s activated, so her public displays are pretty on-par with what you might expect.

Following Sanoval’s embarrassing apology post, Lala took to her Instagram Stories to give her opinion on the latest development (via too fab). She basically told Sandoval to shut up and encouraged anyone working at the Toms’ bar to “abort mission.” She also said what we all were thinking by mentioning the lack-of apology to Ariana. Who is Victim No. 1 in all of this mess. “Where’s Ariana’s apology in this? It’s called narcissism… & it’s terrifying,” Lala wrote. She can say that again.

Scandoval is far from over, especially as we’ll continue to watch the drama play out on VPR Season 10. Lala and her buddy James Kennedy are ready to mention it all to the public when it comes to Raquel and Sandoval’s shady behavior. The best part is that Ariana gave the stamp of approval for her friends to go off and expose her ex. And we VPR stans should forever be so grateful for being privy to it all.


[Photo Credit: Trae Patton/Bravo]