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Bombshell Moments From the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Reunion

The emotional and explosive Season 13 Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion will be remembered for several reasons. The madness of all the accusations about investigations is one. More importantly, it may be the final time we see Teresa Giudice, her brother Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga, all together. Let’s take a look at all the bombshell moments from the final part of the RHONJ reunion.

Louie Doesn’t Wear Nonno’s Pajamas

When Luis “Louie” Ruelas told Joe that he wore his deceased father’s pajamas to help Joe’s nieces feel safe, it was odd.  The thought of Louie walking around in Giacinto Gorga’s pajamas was creepy.

Louie explained that he wore a pair of sweatpants that Nonno never wore. “I don’t sleep in their father’s pajamas,” he stated. “That came out wrong.” Thank heavens!

Dolores Puts Her Foot Down

Host Andy Cohen asked Dolores Catania and Frank Catania if their son, Frankie Catania was still working for Louie. “No, Frankie’s no longer with Louie,” Frank responded. Joe chimed in, asking what happened.

“Listen, right now, I’m gonna tell you what happened. Louie gave my son a job, he was very happy working with him, and I’m very thankful for Louie,” Dolores stated. She made it plain that she didn’t want her son mentioned during “this cesspit.”

When Joe tried to bring up a rumor, Dolores shut it down. “You and I have never had a problem. I don’t want one,” she told Joe. No one wants a problem with Paterson Dolores.

Frank Will Tell the Whole Truth

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Teresa believed that Joe and Melissa were hanging around with her ex-husband, Joe Giudice’s former business partner. Somehow, the Gorgas were involved in sending Teresa and Joe Giudice to jail.

But Frank popped up with the bombshell no one saw coming. “Joe, do you release the attorney-client privilege?” he asked.

“I was Joe’s attorney at the time. We were contacted by the FBI in West Paterson. Joe was asked to come down to West Paterson to discuss, not Teresa, they just said Joe Giudice, okay?” Frank explained. “In exchange, not even a hesitation, and Joe never showed up and said a word.”

Don’t Play Games With John Fuda

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Newbie Rachel Fuda’s husband, John Fuda, is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Rachel recently adopted John’s son. “I have a question,” John said. “How come Louie and Teresa decided to bring my kid’s mother into this? Why did you guys have me investigated?”

Louie replied, “I never had you investigated.” And now private investigator Bo Dietl has entered the conversation.

“Bo Dietl’s friends are subcontractors I happen to know,” John said. “An eye for an eye. This is how we play. Leave my kid out of it,” he added holding up a manilla envelope.  

Someone also contacted Margaret Josephs’ son at his job. Louie confirmed that the call came from his cell phone, but he denied making it.

Before the men left the stage, Louie tried to shake hands with John to make peace. John said only if he admitted to lying. Louie refused to do that. It started to get heated until Joe separated the men.

A Warning for Margaret

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Louie said that the infamous private investigator, Bo Dietl, was working on a harassment case for him. Teresa was quick to point out that Margaret was talking to the person harassing them.

Margaret said Teresa’s claims were bogus. Louie remarked, “Let’s play.” Then he added, “Be careful.” I’m not sure why Louie tossed out these statements, but it was chill-inducing.

Gia Giudice Gives Her Two Cents

When Andy asked Joe who supposedly told him that he could “do better than Melissa,” he had a surprising response. It wasn’t Teresa, but it was her daughter, Gia Giudice.

Teresa called up Gia so that she could give her version of events. Gia said that she called her uncle to ask him to walk Teresa down the aisle at her wedding. “I never told him that he could do better than my Aunt Melissa. And it’s sad, Zio Joe, that you’re trying to call me a liar,” she said.

Melissa and Teresa engaged in some verbal sparring. “This is absolutely disgraceful,” Teresa said as she stormed off set. “And don’t come following me!” she bellowed at her brother. Now it is officially a reunion!

No Regrets

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Joe was asked if he regretted missing Teresa and Louie’s wedding. Sadly, he didn’t. First, the pizza oven business deal soured. And then the couple alleged that Melissa cheated on him with more than one man.

Teresa and Louie stated that they never believed the rumors. But too much had happened for Joe to forgive.

A Final Goodbye?

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Before the husbands were sent offstage, Teresa and Joe shared their final words. A crying Teresa told her brother, “I’m heartbroken. I told you.” 

“I will never say never. You’re my only sister. I will always love you,” Joe said.

“Like Daddy said: you honor me when I’m alive, not when I’m dead,” Teresa sobbed. “Now! Honor me now!”

Joe told Louie, “Forget about me. I will forget about you. That’s it. Leave me alone. Leave everybody alone. Live your f**king lives. That’s it,” he added.

Is This the End for Teresa and Melissa?

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Andy confirmed with Teresa that she still wanted “to close the door” on her relationship with Melissa. Teresa responded, “Yes.”

Melissa seemed teary as she spoke. “I definitely feel the hate, right? You see it. It’s clear that I can never please her.” 

She told Teresa, “I do love you no matter what you think. I worry about you, and I’ll go with the flow with whatever the family decides to do.”

It was a bittersweet ending to a long and exhausting saga between the Gorga family and Teresa.


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