Although I am sad that this season of Vanderpump Rules season is coming to a close, there’s nothing I love more than those reunion episodes and part one seriously brought the entertainment. Not only that, but I got to enjoy the Southern Charm season premiere right after that. You’re probably going to judge me for admitting this, but it was the best Monday I’ve had in a while.

So it obviously got even better in my eyes when eleven o’clock rolled around and Scheana Marie and Shep Rose stopped by to dish on all of the latest gossip with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Obviously, Scheana was asked about her rekindled friendship with cast pariah Lala Kent and of course, pretty much every Southern Charm conversation turns to that forever-unanswered question “Did Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements hook up?”


 If you follow Lala or Scheana on social media, you definitely noticed that they have been posting a lot of photos with each other. And I’m sure this is not sitting well with the other ladies in the cast. I couldn’t help wondering if they were just bonding over common enemies or if they are genuinely friends. Thankfully, a caller came through to ask how they ended up on good terms again.

Scheana explained, “I saw a podcast she did where she said she was going to work on music with [Mike] Shay. I thought that was very inappropriate and shady. We got in a fight.” Sounds like a solid start to friendship to me! But Scheana added,  “In that fight we realized that we were just hurting each other’s feelings, we both apologized, texted each other ‘Merry Christmas,’ and started hanging out in the new year. She’s my neighbor. We go to the gym together. We just have a lot of fun. I really like her.” And I’m sure that half of the cast does not approve of this friendship- i.e. guaranteeing that Lala gets her spot back on the show next year.

It seemed like a lot of people had Lala’s back during the reunion so it really wouldn’t be too shocking if she returned next year. I know my fingers are crossed, but I doubt Katie Maloney feels the same way. Sure, she apologized for the things she said about Lala during the reunion and it was a genuinely sweet moment, but those are few and far between with this crew. There is bound to be new drama at any moment. Andy asked Scheana if she thought the truce would last and she couldn’t help laughing out loud and eventually she verbalized, “No.” Well, obviously.

Shep talked about his friend/rival Austen Kroll joining the cast. Shep explained, “The problem is we share the same taste in girls. It really gets us in trouble. He’s affable, he’s funny, he’s tall. He’s a formidable opponent, unfortunately.” I’m excited for the “trouble” and I agree with everything else. Shep definitely has some competition this season.

Aside from some potential hate and conflict with Austen, one of the callers really went in hard with a question. After hating on Shep for his life of privilege and never really asking a question, Shep said, “I live my life and I am fortunate enough to have fun and do my thing.” He even admitted,  “Can it last forever? No, it can’t.” And then he added, “But if I needed to, I can beat the street. I’ve worked in Dubai, I’ve sold real estate.” I would love to see Shep in the corporate world next season, but if I could just party and have fun all the time on reality TV, I would do it too. I can’t hate on him for that.

Unfortunately for Scheana, the Vanderpump Rules season finale ended with Scheana and Shay’s emotional breakup. This crew has some weird boundaries when it comes to maintaining relationships post hookup/breakup, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Shay joined the squad during a group vacation next year. So I don’t blame a viewer for asking Scheana about the possibility of friendship with Shay.

Scheana admitted, “Maybe down the line. Right now, I don’t think so.” That’s the answer most of us expected since Scheana has a new man and Shay really did her dirty by leaving her alone all season and clearing her bank account.

Scheana did take the chance to plug an upcoming project as a part of that response. She revealed, “I do have a digital talk show coming out that I’ll be posting about on my social media and that’s one of the topics I’m going to be talking about. So I’m gonna say, stay tuned, and you’ll hear about it after part three of the reunion.”

Andy couldn’t help cutting in after the mention of the reunion. He admitted, “Part three Shay is there and it’s probably the most awkward thing I’ve been involved with and that’s saying something.” Yes, it certainly does say a lot.

I am so over people asking Shep about Landon’s “feelings” for him. In all honesty, it just came off like a reach for a story line, but apparently people still care about this so Shep had to admit, “A lot of people would be very lucky to be in a relationship with Landon, but you can’t tell yourself to feel some way that you don’t feel.”

And a little bit later, Shep made the most adorable comment about looking for a future girlfriend: “I want one that laughs at the same Seinfeld episodes that I do.” Scheana and Andy couldn’t help letting out an audible “Aaawww” in response to that one. I feel like it could be so easy to hate on Shep, but the man is just too endearing for his own good. Or maybe it’s just me who’s falling for that?

The one Landon-related topic that I have any interest in (no, I don’t care about her attempt at that travel website or her new boyfriend) is the possibility that she got with Thomas. I get that it’s none of my business and I am way too invested in this show, but I just cannot help being curious. Shep didn’t rat them out, but he did muse, “They swear up and down that they didn’t, but I will say this: if you’re in another country and you run into somebody from your hometown-” And then Andy interjected with, “They’re gonna bang” and Shep finished his sentence by adding, “something’s happening.” God, I hope this is addressed during the season. In related news, I need to get a life.

Scheana was also asked about the animosity between her sometimes friend Stassi Schroeder and her girl Ariana Madix. Scheana made it clear that she’s an avid member of #TeamAriana. Scheana theorized, “I think she’s used to most people kissing her… you know what… and the fact that Ariana isn’t one of those people, that’s what drives her crazy.” She also said,  “I think it bugs Stassi that someone just doesn’t like her and isn’t accepting her,” which is super surprising since I feel like Stassi has had plenty of other enemies on the show and it didn’t really faze her.

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