Scheana Marie “Wasn’t Surprised” By What Jax Taylor Said In Recording About Brittany Cartwright; Slams Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, & Kristen Doute

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15002 -- Pictured: Scheana Marie -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

At best, it can be said that Scheana Marie lacks self-awareness. Scheana’s frienemy Stassi Schroeder described her as narcissistic during the last Vanderpump Rules episode. Then there’s Scheana herself who adamantly denies her betrayal and dismisses her comments as jokes that just didn’t land.

The last Vanderpump Rules episode centered around everyone’s (alleged) adultery. Jax Taylor admitted to cheating on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright and this has been the main story line all season. Tom Schwartz put himself on a break from taking shots after he blacked out and made out with a woman who isn’t his wife. And just for good measure, Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute claimed that Scheana’s new man Robert Valletta kissed someone else.

Scheana addressed the recent Vanderpump Rules hot topics during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen asked her about the rant Faith Stowers recorded during her hookup with Jax. Scheana claimed, “I can’t say I was surprised by the things he said, but it was really heartbreaking to actually hear him say the things on that recording.”

Then, Andy showed Scheana a montage of her costars talking shit about her. How did Scheana react? She said, “For Kristen to say ‘I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I’m looking for husband.’ Isn’t that where you go in a relationship? Why would I just want a boyfriend? Of course I would want it to go further. Duh.” A fair point, but I don’t even think Kristen was shading Scheana with her statement. At that point, the two were cool and it just seemed like Kristen was expressing concern over her friend possibly rushing into a relationship, but Scheana wasn’t picking up what Kristen was laying down.

And what about those comments she made about marrying Rob while they hosted that dinner with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix? Scheana dismissed those as a joke. She said, “Does no one get my sense of humor? It was a joke.” Was it though?

Andy asked Scheana about Rob not being “a kisser.” Scheana insisted, “No. I’ve known him for twelve years.” Alright, then. And of course the conversation came back to those Rob cheating allegations. Scheana remarked, “It’s funny how Kristen says she knows for a fact. Did you see it? Where you there? Nobody did. It didn’t happen.” Don’t doubt Kristen’s investigative abilities. If anyone is able to uncover proof that a kiss went down, it’s Kristen.

A viewer asked, “Is the whole kissing drama we heard about tonight the reason that Scheana and Rob are broken up?” Scheana just said, “No.” She also told Andy, “We still hang out. We’re still friends. We talk often.” Then Andy asked the question that people really wanted to know: “Are you friends with benefits?” Scheana clarified, “We were in the beginning, but now it’s just strictly friends.”

Then a caller came at Scheana with a question that really offended her. It definitely could have been way worse, but Scheana just wasn’t feeling it when someone asked, “Why do you have such a vendetta against Katie, Stassi, and the girls?” Scheana wondered, “Is that a serious question? Have you watched the show since the beginning? I mean, is that a serious question?” Andy clarified, “That’s a serious question.” Then she said, “They’ve treated me horribly. They have not been good friends at all. They just aren’t… I don’t know how else to answer that.” Then why were you in Katie’s wedding? If Katie has never been a friend of yours, then why be a bridesmaid?

The episode took a lighter turn when Andy asked Scheana political questions and “punished” her incorrect answers by posting photos from her “bad side” on Instagram.

Andy asked Scheana, “Is it true that you once tried to put the moves on Shep [Rose]?” Scheana claimed, “No. I was in Atlanta. I was going to a game in Athens and that’s his alma mater so I was like ‘You  should come to the game. It will be fun. Let’s tailgate.’ That’s all it was.” Andy wasn’t buying that and told her, “It seemed like something a little more.” Scheana countered with, “Whatever.” That wasn’t a strong denial…

And just to make things clear, Scheana dismissed the idea that Rob is capable of cheating on her. She insisted, “Rob is just not that kind of person. He’s a very loyal man and he doesn’t have a cheating bone in his body.”

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