Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Talk This Season’s Drama On Watch What Happens Live

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15065 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna, Erika Girardi, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave -- (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo)

Even though the current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a bit sub-par, every cast member was on her game when all of the ladies appeared on Watch What Happens Live. If only they were this entertaining during the actual season…

Erika Jayne, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave all joined Andy Cohen for a special Los Angeles episode of Watch What Happens Live. The only one was missing was “Friend of the Housewives” Camille Grammer.

There was just so much to unpack from the episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it mostly made me sad (well as sad as I could be over a reality TV show) because these women actually are super entertaining, so it’s a shame that this season has been so lackluster. Getting back to Watch What Happens Live, Andy asked Erika, “Why did you say you would talk to Teddi alone and then bring up pretend amnesia at dinner with everyone else?” Erika answered, “Because we’re on TV. That’s what we’re doing.”

Sure, but it really wasn’t the best look. Once again the (former?) fan favorite did not handle a conversation with Teddi in the best way. I actually agree with why she was upset. Teddi insinuated that she was a liar, but every time Erika attacks Teddi at dinner with the other cast members, her very valid point just disappears and everyone focuses on Teddi’s tears. For someone who’s so smart, she’s not playing this game too well. Even so, Lisa Vanderpump interjected with, “Sometimes you know when the moment is right.” Erika insisted, “The moment was right.” Was it though?

Then Andy polled the women on cosmetic procedures. None of them copped to butt implants, but Andy did tell Vanderpump, “There were accusations about you getting butt implants.” Lisa? Really? Of all people? That is not on brand for her at all. Lisa explained, “When I did Dancing With the Stars, it disappeared and then it came back again. So, come on.” Lisa also admitted to getting an eye lift.

Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle, and Lisa Rinna (obviously) admitted to lip augmentations. Every woman on the stage raised her hand when asked about Botox (duh). Kyle admitted that she got liposuction. Kyle confessed, “I did on my love handles.” Erika and Kyle acknowledged their nose jobs (which they’ve both done previously). They all got breast implants except for Kyle and Vanderpump.

An audience member asked the whole cast, “Who would you say is the biggest pot stirrer this season?” As expected, they all pointed to Dorit and she just rolled her eyes.

Another fan in the audience asked Lisa Vanderpump, “What did you mean when you said Lisa Rinna was ‘not engaged’ this season? That seemed a little shady.” Lisa confessed, “Shady is my strength. It was meant to be shady.” At least she’s pulling a Rinna and “owning it.” I can appreciate that.

A viewer told Dorit, “You’ve had a lot of drama this season, got in a lot of fights, is there any one in particular you regret the most?” Dorit shared, “Definitely the argument I had with Lisa, or having hurt her feelings rather. She means a lot to me and I’ve apologized profusely. I’ve apologized for everything really that I did wrong.” Then she got booed by the audience. The Los Angeles audience is significantly bigger than the New York clubhouse, so it got really loud and Lisa Vanderpump told the crowd, “If I’m over it, you have to be over it.” A fair point.

Then Andy gave the Housewives a break from answering questions and polled the audience instead. He asked, “Do you think Dorit was trying to put a wedge between LVP and Kyle?” Pretty much everyone in the crowd held up signs saying “yes.”

The audience members also agreed that Erika is too harsh with Teddi, Dorit overreacted to Camille’s ball gag, and that Mauricio Umansky is the hottest House Husband. Then Mauricio, PK Kemsley, Harry Hamlin, Ken Todd, and Edwin Arroyave all came out holding shotskis. Most of the Beverly Hills men were there, including Giggy Vanderpump, but Tom Girardi did not appear- shocking absolutely no one.

Rinna was asked, “Have you seen or heard from Kim Richards since the bunny and the tear drop?” She just said “no” and left it at that. One audience member came up  with an amazingly shady question: “Kyle, can you list three fun facts about Nanny K?” Kyle made it clear that she still knows nothing about Lisa Vanderpump’s grandmother, but at least she remembers her nickname now. Lisa joked, “You know who Nanny K is right?” Lisa started to whisper fun facts in Kyle’s ear and then Erika said, “I can” and came through with the Nanny K trivia.

Erika also admitted that she never wore the panties Dorit gave her last season. At least she didn’t throw them out. She added, “No, but they’re in my drawer.” Andy told her, “We might need those for the clubhouse actually.” I’m surprised it took him this long to ask.

Then Andy revealed that Harry Hamlin gave him a pink version of that infamous bunny stuffed animal and then he gave out blue bunny stuffed animals to audience members.

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