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Stassi Schroeder Doesn’t Think Kristen Doute Is A Hypocrite For Bashing James Kennedy’s (Alleged) Cheating

Did anyone else have deja vu to Season 2 of Vanderpump Rules when they watched last night’s episode? Kristen Doute accused James Kennedy of cheating on Raquel Leviss while she was asleep in the next room. This is exactly what Kristen did with Jax Taylor when then-boyfriend Tom Sandoval was asleep in the next room- twice.

Stassi Schroeder had it out for Kristen that season and for a significant time after that. Now, in Season 7, Stassi, Kristen, and most of their costars have come together against James. So what does Stassi think about Kristen’s past sins in comparison?

During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked, “Was Kristen being a hypocrite for bashing James cheating?” Get ready for this one. Stassi answered, “No, she made a mistake.” However, the audience strongly disagreed with Stassi. 80% voted “yes” in  Andy’s poll. That was a major turnaround from the Stassi we used to know. Then again, everyone involved is dating someone else now. So who cares at this point?

Stassi “100%” believes that James cheated on Raquel– as do most of the viewers/ human beings in general. She elaborated, “It’s like on TMZ of him making out with other girls. It’s not like a secret.” Clearly, we have a lot of James-bashing ahead of us for Season 7. Let’s hope there’s at least something else to talk about.

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One bright spot in the past two episodes has been the introduction of Stassi’s man Beau Clark. He is a major upgrade from her last boyfriend. Then again, pretty much anyone would be. Previously, Stassi revealed that Kristen and introduced them, but she didn’t say how he met her friends.

Last night, Stassi shared, “Katie saw him at the Grove, looked over, and said ‘That’s a dude I think Stassi would love.'” And she was right! She added, “He made out with Kristen  on a movie set ten years ago… on camera.” Andy wondered, “Are there five people in LA?” Apparently.

Stassi also confirmed that he said “I love you” first and that they’ve discussed the possibility of marriage in their future. Andy asked, “What does Beau think about Jax?” Interestingly enough, Stassi remarked, They’re really good friends. We spent Thanksgiving with Jax and Brittany [Cartwright].”

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Yes, that sounds odd, but it’s not surprising. At this point, the Vanderpump Rules are used to everyone hanging out with their exes and their significant other’s former flames. Even so, Andy remarked, “I don’t know what to say.” Really? That’s just how this show is and has always been.

Later in the episode, Stassi commented on their engagement. She said, “I wish they would have shown more of their history at that restaurant because that was their first date [location]. They have so much history there that made it really special.” SMH, production.

A viewer asked Stassi to say who was the “bigger dick” James or Jax in his prime. Of course, she answered “James 100%.” We get it: Season 7 is anti-James.

Another fan asked if she thought James was in love with Lala Kent. Stassi replied, “I wouldn’t be surprised by that. At all.”

Then, Stassi gave updates on her relationships with the Madix siblings. She began, “Listen, I have loved Ariana [Madix] since the beginning.” She added, “I was like ‘Can’t you just love me back?’ and she does now.”

As for Ariana’s brother Jeremy Madix, she declared, “I don’t still think he’s creepy.” She continued, “He’s an acquaintance. He’s fine and friendly.”

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