Denise Richards

Denise Richards Ties The Knot On Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Tonight Denise Richards marries Aaron Phypers on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and since they planned the wedding in like 10 days (or more specifically 48 hours) there’s obviously some drama!

The biggest drama being whether or not this wedding will actually ever happen. Denise is so late half the women leave — which was probably not what the producers wanted. They probably hopped all the downtown by the open bar would lead to plenty of hysterics and a revival of Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave whipping out text messages from a toddler to accuse Lisa Vanderpump of manipulation. Yes – still talking about Lucy In The Shelter With Microchips! (#BeatlesReference) 

Teddi does realize that text messages from JOHN BLIZZARD purported to be information directly from LVP do not exactly prove LVP is responsible for anything, nor do they incriminate her.

In other news, Kyle Richards meets Teddi and Dorit Kemsley to shop for a wedding gift for Denise, but obviously, they spend the entire time talking about Lucy (who is so lucky to have escaped Dorit). Then Dorit is startled to find PuppyGate has made the press, and she suspects LVP is responsible for planting the stories.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna tries to prove she has something else going on besides unrestrained glee at the thought of LVP being taken down by reconnecting with an old ex – who also dated Denise!

Erika Girardi prepares for the launch of Erika Jayne’s upcoming tour by meeting with her glam squad and planning her looks. Obviously, there’s plenty of puss… At this point we’ve had so many pups, I welcome a puss.

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Meanwhile, LVP dreads attending the wedding and facing another altercation with Teddi, who is equally uncomfortable at the thought of a run-in with LVP. Hopefully, Teddi can manage not to ruin Denise’s wedding the way she did Camille Grammers milestone birthday after beating cancer! #Priorities. You know, I don’t even like dogs (Stone me, I’m a cat person! Meow!) – but still, dogs before bitches!

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