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Lala Kent Is “Shook” By Jen Shah Allegations And Jen’s Social Media Activity Following Her Arrest

The silver lining in the mess that was 2020 was that Bravo gifted us with the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. And they didn’t just launch a new show, they knocked it out of the park with Season 1. Jen Shah’s outbursts. Heather Gay’s loyalty. Meredith Marks’ disengaged attitude. Mary Cosby in her closet with her step-grandpa. We loved every minute of it.

The show stood so well on its own after Season 1, fans probably forgot that a few Vanderpump Rules stars made an appearance at the beginning of the show. Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Lala Kent, both from Utah, are pretty tight with Whitney Rose and Heather. They made an appearance at the Shah Chalet, which may or may not have been just a set up by production. It opens the doors for more VPR cameos in future seasons, now that we know Pump Rules isn’t dead and gone for good. 

Lauren from Utah particularly was excited that the Housewives were headed to her hometown. Lala has talked about being a Bravo fan as well as a star. She’s made her opinions known about stars on other shows, most recently Madison LeCroy’s dramatic arc on Southern Charm. When RHOSLC was announced, Lala said it was like “Christmas” for her. And now with Jen facing federal fraud and money laundering charges, like the rest of the fanbase, Lala is itching for Season 2.

New mommy Lala recently appeared on the Mention It All podcast to talk about her new book, new baby and all things Bravo. She was asked her opinion on allegations that Jen was part of a long-time telemarketing scam that targeted elderly people. “I mean, I want to say ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but then I read you’re scamming old people and I’m like ‘Oh my god,” Lala said. “Scam the millennials, you know? They need something real to happen to them. Everyone’s a little too sensitive. Again, she’s allegedly scamming old people, still shook.”


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First of all, Jen shouldn’t be scamming anyone to fund her shopping sprees and Shah Squad. Secondly, Lala is LITERALLY A MILLENNIAL. And third, I’d say the past year of a pandemic, social and political unrest, etc. has definitely been something very real that’s happened to millennials. No one deserves to be (allegedly) scammed by a reality star. And I rest my case.

Unlike Andy Cohen, Lala seems to be leaning that Jen’s guilty, despite her claims of innocence. And not only did she plead not guilty in court, but Jen has been flooding Instagram with posts like #FreeJen and #Unarrested like she isn’t facing 30 years in prison. Lala had something to say about that too. “I’m even more shook that she’s hashtagging #unarrested #outofjail. You are like meant for reality TV. Keep it coming,” Lala said. Now that’s something we can agree on — Jen is definitely the person to let this play out on TV.


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She will make the most of her 15-minutes in the spotlight, and Bravo will show as much as they legally can about the case. Like I’ve said before, Jen is a real-life movie villain. And her actions following the allegations are reinforcing that, such as getting glam for court or attempting to flee after getting a tip of her impending arrest. Jen might be a bad friend with questionable morals, but she’s great TV.


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