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Brooks Marks Says Accusations Against Jen Shah Are “Horrific”; Feels “Terrible For Her Kids

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is already in the running for best city after just one explosive season. So many memorable moments have already been made — from Meredith Marks’disengaging,” Mary Cosby’s unconventional marriage and Jen Shah’s erratic and explosive behavior. And Season 2 is already looking to top the debut. Jen’s arrest for her alleged involvement in a fraud and telemarketing scheme that targeted the elderly is sure to be a major focus. She and her No. 1 assistant Stuart Smith are facing up to 30 years in prison for their involvement. But much like during Season 1, Jen’s not taking accountability, proclaiming her innocence and making posts on social media like she’s not facing decades behind bars.

Season 2 will really be unlike any other. Apparently, Jen was tipped off while filming about her arrest, may or may not have attempted to flee and the whole thing traumatized producers. While her boss Andy Cohen is giving the benefit of the doubt to Jen, hoping that the so-called “Wizard Of Oz” of marketing is innocent. However, other Bravolebrities, including former housewives, aren’t so sure.

Jen feuded with anyone and everyone during and after RHOSLC’s first season. She’s viciously attacked her former best friend Heather Gay, who even Rihanna loves. She spread rumors about Meredith‘s marriage, screamed about Mary who “f*cks her grandpa” and got in Whitney Rose’s face about problems that she created for herself. She even was in a feud with Meredith’s son Brooks Marks, tracksuit king, that seemingly put the nail in the coffin of their friendship.

When news broke of Jen’s arrest (and her glam session prior to her hearing), he posted a shady Instagram video that Mer claims was just a “coincidence.” Brooks knew exactly what he was doing. And he’s a bonafide cast member of RHOSLC himself, so it seems fair game for him to get in on the drama.


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Brooks appeared on Watch What Happens Live for its kids special. And because viewers have been glued to any news about Jen, Andy asked him for his opinion on the matter. “I feel absolutely terrible for her kids particularly,” Brooks said. “The stuff that she’s being accused of is seriously horrific.” Scamming old folks to fund your extravagant shopping sprees and 8 unnecessary members of the Shah Squad is definitely downright horrific. But, of course, Jen’s innocent till proven guilty.

Andy then asked Gia Giudice if she had any advice for Jen’s kids since she’s been through the wringer with Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice’s legal problems. Gia, who is more level-headed than her mom, really stepped up when her parents both went “to camp,” so she had some tips to share. “Throughout all of this, I just learned not to focus more on the negativity and just know your parents for who they are. Anything can happen every day, so you just need to enjoy every moment.”


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